Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Trash Pool Party

Some kids get to spend their summers swimming in big fancy pools.
Our kid don't get no pool.

Pictures taken in July 2009.
Or was it August?
Well, one of the two, it was awhile ago anyway.


Amy Bomstad said...

Love it!

Em said...

Aw...look at him holding on for dear life...haha. Too cute. :)

Andrew Ryne said...

This is too funny!

CaS Shim said...

looks like he doesn't care about the pool- having the time of his life!!! Love those smiles of his. I look forward to Thurs. to see if you posted on your day off- Lots of love your way!

Gail said...

Thanks for the laugh! Too cute! I wish I would have thought of that - I think JJ would rather play in the tub than the pool any old day!

Jill said...

White trash or not, this kid is lovin' it! Looks like fun!