Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SYTYCD: A late start

As I'm sure you have noticed, I haven't been watching Season 6 (it's six, right?) of SYTYCD. The 7-9 pm time frame is spent playing with Keaton and then getting him ready and into bed. To be honest with you, I'm not really watching any shows right now; not Grey's, not Private Practice, not Brothers and Sisters. I'll watch shows sporadically, but nothing routinely. And unfortunately SYTYCD has also fallen off my radar.

Tonight though, I got home from Tai Chi^ at 7 pm and because Collin had had a rough day at work he chose to get dinner put together while I watched Keaton because, honestly, preparing dinner is more relaxing than playing with an active baby/on his way to toddler. So, while we were playing I turned the station to Fox and guess what!!?? I caught an episode of SYTYCD. In good 'ol fashion SYTYCD style, I had to take notes, and of course, I HAVE to share them with you!

So, here were my thoughts from tonight. Remember, this is the first and only time I've seen a show this season (I didn't even catch Vegas week) so I'd love to hear what you are all thinking.

* C1: Ashleigh/Jakob - I love Napoleon/Tabitha routines, love them! And this one did not disappoint.
* C2: Karen/Kevin (Broadway routine) - All I could think the whole time I was watching this was, oh, my, what a train wreck!
* C3: Noelle/Russell (Fox Trot) - I was preparing my plate at the time and completely missed this routine. The crowd was cheering though, so it sounded like it was good?
* C4: Channing/Victor (Tyce Diorio routine) - Liked the dance; liked the couple.
* C5: Kathryn/Legacy (Paso doble) - The music was so powerful that at each hard beat I kept wanting to shout More! More! But I never really felt like I got more from them, so I was left rather disappointed. But the judges loved this, so apparently I know nothing about a paso doble.
* C6: Elenore/Ryan (Travis Wall routine) - I loved this dance and I loved this couple!
*C7: Mollee/Nathan - I missed what "type" of routine this was, hip hop?? Not positive but I liked it. Oddly though I found my eyes kept diverting to Nathan. This doesn't usually happen for me; I usually end up liking the girl better than the guy. But this time I kept watching him, and I really, really liked him. Also, Mollee is super cute!
* My favorite girl tonight was Elenore.
* My favorite guy was Nathan.
* My top three (if I had voted, I didn't because I don't know how to use my phone now that I have a full keyboard and OMG, what number is T???) were C4, C6, and C7.

So, am I totally off? Who have you guys liked/disliked. And is it just me or is this season already better than last season?

^In unrelated news, except that I mentioned it above, I took a Tai Chi class tonight and OMG you guys, I LOVED it!! I feel so awesome right now; like happiness is oozing from my pores. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing. A regular thing that I'm going to totally look forward to each week!


Aubrey said...

You're totally off!! LOL

No, I like Elenore. She's really perky and funny and way off beat. But I'm not totally convinced she'll go far. Jakob is amazing and should really go far. Legacy hands down is the most improved and slowly moving up my list as I watch him more and more. He just seems so DEDICATED to this and knows he's got so much to learn.

Nathan is okay, but he's just so young and I totally agree w/ Nigel that he just thinks he deserves all this praise instead of thinking he needs to work harder to get MORE praise. Kathryn is also moving higher on my list.

Over all I was underwhelmed last night. I think Travis Wall was the only really inspiring choreo last night. I thought the rest were okay, but Tyce who I love I thought made the wrong music choice. There are so many more inspiring Blackbird versions out there!!

I miss comparing w/ you Kate!!! I'm glad you got to watch one.

Em said...

Yikes, I don't even know where to start with SYTYCD this season. I agree that it's already better than last season. Here are my main thoughts:

I actually didn't like Elenore much at all until Tuesday night. That routine with Ryan was so good. Now she's definitely on my radar screen. Ryan is a little bit more so, too. He works really hard, but there is something about him, at times, that still bothers me (it may just be some of the "over-acting" that is natural for ballroom dancers, though).

Other girls I like most are Ashleigh and Mollee. Mollee used to annoy me quite a bit, but I think she's really coming into her own now, and there's no doubt she's very talented. Ashleigh wasn't high atop my list before the top 20, but since she's gotten here, she's really worked hard to show that she deserves it.

As for the guys, I love Jakob and Legacy. Jakob is just so good technically, and Legacy works so darn hard. Nathan is good, but I was happy to see his ego brought down to earth a little bit. He needed that reality check.

I was in agreement with Kevin being sent home last night...what did you guys think about the girls? Even though she had some good performances before this week, I still kind of wish Karen had gone before Channing. She seems rather one-dimensional with the latin vixen thing being her main asset.

Kate said...

So after I watched Tuesday's show, I totally missed the results show last night. So it sounds like Kevin and Channing were sent home? Based on Tuesday's show I would have voted for Kevin and Karen being sent home. I'm also a little disappointed to hear Channing got the boot, I really liked her on Tuesday.

You know what else I should have posted more clearly - I turned the show on in the middle of Ashleigh & Jakobs routine on Tuesday. Based on your comments, I wish I would have seen the whole thing. Sounds like these two are pretty high on both your lists. Darn!

I'll try to watch next week too, if I can. I miss these discussion posts!

Aubrey said...

I'm surprised Noelle is doing as well as she is. I think she's lucked out that she's w/ Russell who has such a dynamic personality. But neither of those guys have really impressed me.

I wasn't sad to see Kevin go. He bothered me with his "I'm a model and so amazing" attitude. Although I think he improved immensely from the beginning.

I loved Karen and thought she was really a fantastic person...That being said, I thought her solo last night STUNK and she totally got lucky. I'm unimpressed with Channing although I liked her in the beginning. She just stayed too w/in herself to make it far. Especially in dance when you need to put so much of yourself in these dances.

I suppose since this year there are so many talented dancers and dynamic personalities, I'm finding it hard to really choose my favorite. It really changes each week w/ the routines.

I also need to mention how much I loved the opening dance last night. Of course it was by Wade Robson and his wife. I adored it. That should be nominated this year!!

CaS Shim said...

I like Elenore too- for personality! This season I haven't been blown away yet! I like Russel and Legacy just becausee they try to hard and their styles are way out there yet they produce each week. I think Jakob is great.