Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swing Rides are more fun than Cleaning

Fall finally decided to bless us with her presence this weekend. Well, at least that's what people tell me, I spent yesterday holed up in the house working on....ummm....let's see...I DON'T KNOW! I have no idea what I did yesterday other than wash a set of bottles and talk to Ember. Now granted, when Em and I talk, we taaaaalk, but still, it wasn't the whole day. So what exactly was I doing?? Your guess is as good as mine.

I do know what I WASN'T doing. I wasn't cleaning Keaton's room, which was on the to-do list for this weekend. Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away and in past year's that would be plenty of time to get this house ready for guests, but now? With a kid? Not so much. So I've made myself a cleaning timeline. This week, Keaton's room; next week, the den. These two rooms each get their own week because, well, they are in pretty bad shape. The weekend before Thanksgiving I need to do the back bathrooms, our bedroom, and the spare bedroom. And on Wednesday, the day before, the mudroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Now. If I can only stick to this schedule. I spent a good chunk of energy today complaining about how I have noooo! tiiime! to clean, instead of just getting my ass in there and doing it. I'm a champion procrastinator. Funny, when I did finally get started it 1) was actually enjoyable to see the mess disappear and 2) didn't take as much time as I expected. Of course, I'm not yet done, but at least it is started.

Thankfully I didn't miss out on all of the good weather this weekend. This morning our friends, Tanya & Jason's, little boy, Cooper, was baptised so we did get out of the house for awhile to enjoy the sun. It was a beautiful afteroon and a great party. I tweeted this picture earlier today, but I had to post it on here too. It was so nice out that the kids were all running around playing outside; riding bikes, going down the slide, and swinging on the swing set. Keaton was thrilled with his swing ride. As soon as I put him in it his eyes lit up and his face was all smiles. As I pushed him back and forth he giggled uncontrollably. Every time I look at this picture I can't help but think, man, I love that kid.

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Em said...

I love how happy Keaton looks on that swing! I'm probably just overly hormonal, but I got all teary thinking about his big smile and giggles while swinging.

Thanks for the good taaaaalk on Saturday! ;)