Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She. He. They.

She wore bright nail polish on her toes each and every summer and her legs were always sun kissed from sitting on the dock

She made the best Mississippi Mud brownies and she timed it perfectly every time, pulling them out of the oven just as we drove up the lane.

She didn’t put up a Christmas tree because it would have blocked the television and she couldn’t bear to miss Sunday football.

He is quiet and reserved yet big and strong. He likes to tinker around in the tool shed.

He sits with her on the dock, sipping coffee, throwing out a fishing line.

He introduces himself to my friends as “Great Grandpa”; he adores his great grandchildren.

They love to hit the golf course or bowling alley and are always up for a game of cards or Yahtzee. They teach us kids most all of the games we know.

They listen to big band music every afternoon; she takes a nap, he relaxes in the reclining chair.

They love each other from the depths of their souls, and it is so, so obvious.


Today I am thinking of and remembering my Grandparents. It was 12 years ago today that my Grandma lost her battle with cancer. I think I can speak for everyone in my family when I say we miss her. We miss her terribly.

Today is also Veteran’s Day and this day can not pass without me thinking of my Grandpa. He was on the USS Wisconsin during World War II. I think I can speak for everyone in my family when I say we are proud of him. We are incredibly proud of him.

As I rocked Keaton to sleep this afternoon I looked into his eyes, whispered ‘I love you’ and then silently thanked my Grandparents. I am here today, with my son, because of them. Grandma and Grandpa, I love you. I miss you. I am proud of you. I thank you.


Kim said...

beautiful remembrance...

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Andrew Ryne said...

This is so sweet - hold onto your memories :)

Amy Bomstad said...

what a touching post! I am crying as I write this. How true and how thoughtful you are!