Friday, November 20, 2009


Camo pants and a blaze orange jacket are hanging from our patio furniture. They have been there for a week, in hopes that the crisp autumn breeze will remove any indoor, human smells.

There’s a buck knife, stocking cap, and a box of ammo sitting on our bathroom sink; the packing has begun.

A stick of venison summer sausage is thawing in our fridge and an apple crisp on the counter; snacks for the weekend.

Tree stands have been built/repaired weeks ago and in the woods now all you can hear are chipmunks and squirrels scurrying through the fallen leaves.

A license and tags have been purchased in hopes that all will be filled.

Tomorrow is a big day here in Wisconsin, opening day of (gun) deer season. The anticipation of a certain someone in our house is comparable to a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I know there are some deer hunters/deer hunter widows out there that read here and I just wanted to send out a big Good Luck and Happy Hunting to all of you!


amanda said...

Deer camp here is pretty lonely this year...only one hunter! Dad and Brad are working, and the others had something else going on. Kinda weird! Hope your dad, Justin and Collin have some success!

CaS Shim said...

Good luck hunting!