Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Fun - Part 3: Trick-or-Treating

The finale to our Halloween celebrations was Keaton's 1st Trick-or-Treat on Saturday night. As the hours ticked by on Saturday I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Keaton had no clue what was about to happen, but Mama was so, so excited. When the clock struck 4 o'clock we got the Stink bundled up into his costume and began taking pictures.
Does anyone else feel the need to take 800 pictures of their child's first [fill in the blank], or is it just me?

Although not related to Halloween, making an appearance in this picture is:
My New Hair!
Come on Down!
That was a Bob Barker joke, did you get it? Here, reread it:
My New Hair!
Come on Down!
No? Oh nevermind.

As we were taking pictures we could hear him coming through the trees...
Nana, nana, nana, nana,
Nana, nana, nana, nana,

Before we set out on the town we got a special visit from Kristi, Barry, and their sweet little zebra, Addie. Addie has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. She is such a doll. And look at this, is that not a bucket full of cute?

As we got the boys buckeled and bundled into the wagon I knew coming home for Keaton's 1st Halloween was a very good decision. There is nothing quite like trick-or-treating in a small town where you know your neighbors.
As we walked up and down the block I was transported back 20 years to when I was a little girl going door-to-door on that fun-filled night. Along with Justin and Kira, my mom and Kira's sister, Kelsey, joined us for the trek.

I am so proud of our little boys, they took in the sights and sounds without a bit of complaining. Although it was chilly, it was alot of fun.

After about an hour they started taking turns digging through the pumpkin and it became apparent that they were getting hungry, so we decided to head home.

When we got there we let them dig through their loot and they were oh so happy. They loved the candy bars, nevermind the fact we didn't unwrap them....

It was so good to go home. It was so good to see friends. It was so good to have the boys spend their first Halloween together. I can't wait for next year.

(More Halloween pictures on Flickr)


Em said...

Wow, this post is really packed with cuteness. I love it. :) Love the costumes, the idea of going home to where you grew up, how excited you sounded, the kiddos in the wagon, the pics of Keaton sucking on unwrapped candy bars...all of it.

Em said...

Oh, I know what I forgot...your hair! It looks great. :)

amanda said...

I love that you're passing on your love for Halloween! And seeing your mom's grapevine tree makes me jealous ;)! Love the new hair!

Andrew Ryne said...

We felt the same way - although Andrew didnt get the concept of trick-or-treating we couldnt wait to get him out. I must admit, it just isnt quite the same as when we were kids though. Next time youre in town we would love to see you guys!

Amy Bomstad said...

I absolutely LOVE this post and all the pics. They look like such buds hanging out with their candy!