Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Keaton: 10 Months

Dear Keaton,

Over Halloween weekend you turned 10 months old. I don’t have your 10 month stats but when we took you to the doctor at 9 ½ months you weighed in at 18 lbs and were 27 ¼ inches long. These measurements put you in the 10 percentile for your age, which is a drop from all your previous visits when you were in the 25%. Your noggin however, measured 46 cm, which is in the 50% (it too, used to be in the 25%). So apparently, you’re all head. I was a little concerned when the nurse handed me the sheet of paper after she wrote these numbers down but Dr. T wasn’t at all. In fact, he told your Daddy and me that the calories you consume go first to your brain, so it is good to see your head jump up in size. We’re hoping at your next visit we’ll see your height and then weight do the same thing.

With the amount you are eating these days, I’m very hopeful that this might be the case. Your typical 3-4 oz bottles have recently jumped to 5-6 oz and this month you started eating lots and lots of finger food. Anything we put on your plate you throw right into your mouth. Well, mostly into your mouth, also into your lap and onto the floor. There is one member of this family who is quite pleased with this change of events. During mealtime Maia camps out right under your highchair. You’ve also taken an interest in feeding yourself with a spoon, which is a lot of fun, but very messy. We still have to help you out a bit, but each time you successfully get a bite into your mouth your Daddy and I cheer, Yay!!! This thrills you to no end; you get a huge grin on your face and then start beating your tray with your spoon yelling, Ya, Ya, Ya! The other day Daddy was helping you eat apple sauce and I accidentally gave you a premature Yay! You didn’t miss a beat, you instantly started chanting Ya, Ya, Ya, and banging your spoon while apple sauce flew across the room, hitting the wall, table, you name it

In preparation for Halloween, at the beginning of the month I bought you the book Corduroy’s Halloween and we started reading it every night before bed. It took you a few readings, but soon you warmed up to this book and when I pull you into my lap at the end of the day and take the book out you start banging on the cover, which is your way of saying “two thumbs up”. While Grammy was up visiting us one weekend she was reading you the book and happened to peek into your closet where she found a stuffed bear we got as a shower gift that looked remarkably like Corduroy. She pulled it out and held the two of you in her lap and while she read to you, you made the connection, looking at the pages then looking at the bear, back and forth, back and forth you’d look between the book and the stuffed animal. Now, as soon as I pull out the Corduroy book you crane your neck looking for the bear. When Halloween was over I could not bear to see this nightly routine end, so I bought you Corduroy’s Thanksgiving. And I have every intention to buy you each and every holiday Corduroy book for the rest of the year.

One of the goofiest things you did this month was start a new sound. Just when we thought you’d come up with every sound possible you pull out the big guns: a rolling R trill. I can’t roll my R’s so I think this sound is absolutely awesome and when you make it I find myself acting like a little kid, clapping my hands and exclaiming; Do it again! Do it again! The sound has become commonplace in our home, but I’m reminded just how unique it is each and every time a new person hears it. The reaction is always the same, their eyes get huge and they draw back a little questioning, what is that? Your Daddy and I always answer the same, oh that? That’s his new sound. I’m so glad I finally got a video clip of it before you stop doing it all together. The only way I can explain it in words is that you kinda sound like a helicopter taking flight.

At 10 months you now have 5 teeth, wave hi and bye, give high fives, are ticklish on your belly, neck, upper thighs, and feet, and love to dig, splash, and bang. When you are upset or tired music calms you. Busha has music time with you each afternoon before your nap and you love it so much you’ve learned how to turn the cd player on by yourself. When we are in the car and you are inconsolable a good ‘ol rendition of Old McDonald usually settles you. You are growing and changing so much each day and this month has been so much fun.

Love you so much,


amanda said...

I'm glad to see Keaton and Maia are eating so well ;)! I'm not sure exactly how many pictures you have to take to get smiles, but I love his! He melts my heart! I've been Christmas and birthday book shopping already!

Amy Bomstad said...

He is a cutie! What a little peanut! I have the opposite problem with Cayle's weight...he is over the 100th percentile...already in 18-24 month clothes.

Keaton always looks sooo happy! You are a wonderful shows in that smile!

Gail said...

Aw, I miss all those little things!

Someone once told me that you always remember the firsts, it's the lasts that you forget.

Jacob was always off of the chart for weight, and his height was in the 50-75% range. But at almost 4, I think he's over 50lbs. now and SOLID as a ROCK! I think he was into 18-24 months too before his first birthday. He must take after me!

Keaton is a beautiful boy, Kate!

CaS Shim said...

I love the updates Kate- it makes me feel more apart of his growing - I am soooo looking forward to Christmas already. Usually I don't want to rush time- but when it comes to see the family - I look forward to those times soooooooooo much- I can't wait and to be all together this year with Ben's family- is my dream! Mrs. Shim is going to love K!

Em said...

Another great monthly update, Kate. Like CaS mentioned, reading these helps me feel like I'm keeping up on things from far away, which I like. I love the "Ya, Ya, Ya" spoon-banging that occurs after you guys say "Yay" to a successful bite...sooo cute!

Gosh he's a cutie. What a great smile, you have, Mr. K!

Jill said...

What a great update! And that first picture...OMG if he isn't his Mama's boy, I don't know who he is??!! :) (Although I do see more of Collin coming out in him, so there's hope, Collin! I'm SOOO glad he likes the Corduroy books - my kids LOVE them!! And what a great tradition to start! Happy reading and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!