Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Keaton: 9 Months

Dear Keaton,

Last week you turned 9 months old. I should have some doctor stats to share with you but Mommy has had a hard time keeping up with things lately and calling to make your appointment is something that slid to the bottom of the to-do list. So, we aren’t going to your nine month appointment until next week, when you will be nine and a half months old.

Earlier this month your Uncle Ben asked your Daddy and I if we could tell yet whose personality you have. Ever since he asked that question I’ve been analyzing everything you do and have come to the conclusion that you are a definite mix of both of us. You are shy in new situations, analytical, and have my determination. When your getting into something you shouldn’t and we redirect your attention it takes you 0.2 seconds to flip yourself around and get right back to the forbidden object. No amount of diversion will make you give up. The other day I was playing with you in your bedroom and in order to keep you somewhat contained I put your laundry basket in front of the door. You crawled right over to that thing, turned and gave me a look that clearly said, “A laundry basket? Weak, Mom, weak” and then you proceeded to knock it over and crawl over it to get out.

For as busy and determined as you are, your personality is pretty laid back and very jovial, just like your Daddy. You are also hands-on and pay very close attention to detail. When we hand you something new, you flip it around in your hands and study it carefully. I once handed you the top to a soda bottle and you held on to it, turning it round and around, looking at every nook and cranny for a good 10 minutes.

In past months you found different body parts, your legs, feet/toes, hands, etc. This month you found your lungs. Woo-boy, Stink, can you ever let out a screech. This is pretty adorable when we’re playing the ‘I’m gonna get you’ game, or peek-a-boo, or blowing on your tummy. It’s less adorable when you are protesting a bib, a diaper change, or the fact that we took the fork and knife away from you at the restaurant. When you’re mad, you hit a high note in the peak of your scream that I did not think was possible.

This month you got your third tooth (first one on top), started crawling on your hands and knees, walking behind your push toy, and pulling yourself up onto everything. Your crib, the couch, the coffee table, kitchen chairs, curtains, floor mirrors, you name it. If you can touch it, you try to pull yourself up on it. You love this new-found freedom but because you are getting into even more these days I feel like we have said the word “no” more times this month than we have ever said in our lives. No, don’t touch those balls. No, don’t climb on the fireplace. No, we don’t play with cords. No. No. No. There are days that by the time bedtime rolls around I am utterly exhausted.

But, I’ll gladly deal with the exhaustion, heck, I’ll even deal with the screaming if it means that I’ll be greeted with your little head peeking over the crib in the morning, or I get to see you bounce on your knees, or smile with your toothy grin, or reach your arms up above your head for me to pick you up. Yes, I’ll deal. 100 times over, I’ll deal.

I love you little boy,


samantha said...

Oh The Pitch, I remember it well. You'd think the windows would shatter. Theo got croup and lost his voice and wasn't able to shriek and I swear to you it was the best 5 days of our lives.


Em said...

I love all the pictures in this post, Kate. Keaton's so adorable, and it's hard to believe he's gotten so big!

Aubrey said...

I love it. But I'm exhausted just thinking about that age. The no's...and the trailing after them for fear of what they'll do next. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. Ugh! He's so adorable!

Gail said...

Too cute! Too CUTE!

I'm partial to the pic in the towel...nice towel!


Amy Bomstad said...

That 1st pic is absolutely adorable and him with the spoon getting into Maia's water...too funny!

Don't you love the high pitch scream? Cayle has recently started this. He will stand by the edge of the stairs looking up and start wailing!! Yikes.

It's getting harder to have Keaton sit/hold the month sign, isn't it? Bet you have to be really fast.

Rachel said...

I can't believe that he is 9 months already. He's so adorable. What a fun age!

Kim said...

Didn't he have his first trip to an apple orchard as well?

What great notes your leaving for him. I think these posts are so touching.

Anonymous said...

so Cayle finally said his first words last sunday morning right after he got dressed in his vikings outfit. "Go Vikings" he says, but then the skunk goat made him sad. sorry to tell you it wasnt the outfit, it was the goat.

Andrew Ryne said...

LOVE the first picture - so precious! Have you started planning his 1st birthday party yet?

Aubrey said...

So I commented on how much I love this little munchkin. But this was the first time I clicked on your blog and was saddened to see his adorable little face first. I was hoping for a SYTYCD post. I'm so excited to talk that now. But it made me sad that that was my first thought when I saw Keaton's face. Just thought I should fess up on it.