Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Day at the Apple Orchard

Earlier this month we made a trip down to Poynette, Wisconsin to visit my good friend and college roomie, Karma, who was home visiting from Virgina. Karma's parents and her brother and sister-in-law, Kim, live my dream life: they own and operate an apple orchard. I've been to the orchard before, but they've added quite a few novelties since the last time I was there. If you remember, going to an apple orchard was on my Soul in the Season list; this trip did not disappoint.
As soon as we pulled up the drive and I laid eyes on the display of corn stalks, pumpkins, and squash my heart fluttered. I love this time of year. On our way up to the store we were greeted by a Dad and his little girl. Her hands were sticky with carmel and you could see the concentration on her face as she took another bite. Before they left we saw them come back in to purchase two more apples for the road.

Inside the store we found Karma, who was working hard even though this was her "vacation". The best thing about knowing someone that owns an orchard is that you get the VIP tour.

We headed straight out to see the animals. I was very interested to see this guy (or girl, I'm not sure which one it is), an emu. The orchard has two: Mac 'n Tosh. Get it? Macintosh. (I love that!) Ever since I found out about these additions to the Lapacek family I've added 'emu' to Old McDonald's list of animals. The problem is, I never really knew what sound an emu made, so I just kinda made it up. We got to hear Mac (or Tosh) make his noise, which I can only describe as a low grunt.

Then we went to see the goats: Itsy, ZESTAR!, and Tree; lovingly named by Kim's little girl, Cedi.
I have this odd love for goats (right up there with pigs!), so I was so excited when Keaton willingly pet this little guy.

After the animals we checked out the gardens, the orchard has pick-your-own pumpkins, vegetables, and raspberries, and then we headed out to see the apple orchard.

They day was dreary and it was randomly spitting rain so we headed back up to the store and storage shed where Keaton got to taste his very first whole apple, which he loved! Every time I pulled the apple away from him he'd slurp up all the juices and then instantly leaned back down for another taste.

He also got to go for a fun ride on the apple sorter.

After spending some time inside catching up with Karma, Kim, Cedi, and Capri, the sun started to set and we realized it was about time to hit the road. We made one final stop in the store where we loaded up with apples, squash, a pie pumpkin, caramel apples, and cider donuts (OMG, these things are heavenly!), loaded up the car and said our goodbyes.
As we drove away we both instinctively turned to catch one last glimpse. And for the next hour and a half we dreamed about having our own orchard and pumpkin patch.

Karma, Kim, Lapacek's Orchard, Thank you so much for having us!! We had such a great time.


Em said...

Sounds like a great day! And I'm sure it was great to catch up with Karma and fam. So cute that Keaton got to taste his first whole apple and loved it. Great pics.

Andrew Ryne said...

That looks like so much fun! We wanted to take Andrew to an orchard very similar but the weather has been so cold and rainy we havent made it. Have a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and family as well! Let's hope for better weather next year though! Thanks so much for taking the time to come see the orchard with the added benefit of me :)

amanda said...

I was just thinking about the Lapacek's Orchard the other day! Looks like you all had fun. That's a great picture of Karma and Keaton!

Kim said...

Yeah! So wonderful to hear about your visit! Glad you had a fun time...I know the girls had fun showing off for you :)