Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Stink for Halloween

Growing up Halloween was a big deal in our house. My parents would decorate with pumpkins, gourds, and a hay bail with a homemade scarecrow. On the night of trick-or-treating our house was known on our street to be the "spooky" house - the porch was decked out in orange lights, spider webs, flying bats and hanging skulls. And as my dad, who was dressed up as a swamp man, sat obscurely on the porch ready to scare the bejesus out of the neighbor kids, there would be eerie music playing in the background.

I have many memories from Halloween: carving pumpkins and baking the seeds, looking forward to the popcorn balls that a certain towns person made, and dumping out all of our candy as soon as we walked in the door to assess our success. My most favorite Halloween memories though, are of the various costumes I had throughout the years. My parents made most of our costumes and I love rummaging through old pictures to look at them. Little Bo Peep, Raggedy Ann, an elf, a butterfly, a sack of potatoes, and a #5 playing card were just a few. Before Collin and I were even thinking about children I was already talking about making their Halloween costumes.

So, this weekend my mom loaded up her sewing machine and came up to help me start working on Keaton's costume. It has been so long since I've sewed anything so I was very nervous and very excited. We didn't get it completed, but we got a good start AND I got to cross off one of the things on my Soul in the Season list: try my hand at sewing again.

Here is a sneak peek at the costume; can you guess what Keaton is going to be for Halloween?

Look! I'm freaking SEWING!!

Do you have any favorite Halloween memories? What are your kids going as this year?

[Edited to add: Earlville peeps, we're coming down Halloween weekend. If anyone is going to be around let us know, we'd love to see you!]


Em said...

Keaton seems to be enjoying his costume in that last picture! :) Too cute. Will this (sewing costumes) be a yearly tradition, do you think? You make me want to dust off my sewing machine and re-teach myself how to sew as well. :)

Aubrey said...

Kate, I've the same feelings you've got about Halloween, your family's house, and costumes. I love this time of year. I've decorated our house all up. This year we're doing a Wizard of Oz theme at our church Trunk or Treat and we're making the Scarecrow, Tinman and whatever Darrell decides to be. I have a witch costume already and we bought Dorothy. It was all sparkly and beautiful and saved me from tucking and gathering and all that! Last year I made all the costumes. I think it's an awesome tradition. Happy Trick-or-Treating!!

amanda said...

It must be in the water...I sewed some blankets last week! It had been a really long time! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Gail said...

What a great costume for Keaton!

As you can imagine, Edna wasn't one for Halloween. The most involvement she had in costumes was a trip to Kmart the night before (back when costumes came in a box with the plastic masks). My brother always took me trick-or-treating. You know, I don't think Edna even handed out candy.

Jeremy and I have always done the 'spooky' house. Scary music, flying bats, candles, black lights in the lamps inside our huge old house. We sit in the dark at the bottom of our stairs to hand out candy. I LOVE spooking the kids!

I guess, I silently promised myself when J came along that I was going to do costumes better than Edna did. I was going to have some imagination and take the time to make Halloween special. I buy a few accessories but for the most part, we put the costume together from things we already have.

Jacob has been a baseball player, a bum, a train engineer and well...you're just gonna have to wait and see what he'll be this year - though it's not hard to guess.

I didn't know you sew! I'm glad to find some sew'ers(looks like sewer). I thought I was all alone! I just pulled out my quilts again.

@Em - I have a simple way to make crib sheets if you want to learn and I'll teach you those hooded towels like I made Keaton if you want...

Amy Bomstad said...

Fun! I love his costume. Way to go with the sewing. I cannot sew but did make 5 fresh apple crisps last night to get in the Fall Spirit. I have been loving these cool temp days. Are you taking Keaton trick-or-treating?

Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

OMG- he is going to be the cutest skunk ever!!!!!! I love it that you are making the costume- that is so courageous of you!Aunt CaS

Kate said...

@Em, once we got the costume on him he did really like it. The one problem we're going to have, that was evident .02 seconds after getting it on, is he's going to pull that heck out of that fake fur. Oh well. I don't know if I'll sew every year, but I do want to make them every year. Do it! Do it! Pull it out, dust it off, it'll be fun. Scary as hell, but fun :)

@Aubrey, I love the Wizard of Oz theme!! Collin and I once did that theme, we dressed Maia up as the Lion and Collin was Dorothy. Cute, eh? I hope you'll post pictures! Or, better yet, maybe we'll see you guys, we're going to be in town for Halloween!!

@Gail, back in the day I was a 4-Her. One of the events (it's not called an event, what the hell is it called? I'm drawing a blank) that I was in was sewing. My mom made me. I thought it was awful that she made me do it. Like many things though, now I'm thankful she taught me. Guess what else I used to do??? Knit. I'll never forget the summer my mom made me sit inside and would not allow me to go out and play until my knitting project was done. I asked her this past weekend if she'd teach me again. Oh! Oh! If you're gonna teach Em the hooded towels will you teach me too?? I really, really, want to make one of those. We just LOVE ours.

@Amy, 5?? 5 in one evening! Dude, you are a rock star! We made ONE this past weekend and I thought we were doing good. I can't believe I forgot to mention this in the post, we're actually going to Earlville for Halloween so Yes, I thought we'd take Keaton around to a few houses. Not really to get candy but so people can see him. Are you guys going to be in town that weekend?

Andrew Ryne said...

The skunk is adorable! How awesome is it that you made his costume! I love when my Mom used to make my costumes and now shes making Andrews.Still not sure what to dress him up as :)

Amy Bomstad said...

Not sure exactly what we are doing for Halloween yet, but there is a good chance we will be in Earlville.

amanda said...

@ Kate-- 4-H *projects*...well, that's what we called them anyway. I just got rid of my 4-H booklets a few days ago. I called to see if they wanted to recycyle them, and they basically told me I was old...okay, they said the books were outdated, but it made me feel old.

@ Gail-- MEEEE TOOOO for the hooded towels!

Em said...

Maybe when we're all getting together in Michigan for my shower, we'll have to have a sewing party, too, and Gail can teach us the hooded towels (and crib sheets). We'll probably be making a weekend of it anyway, right? :)

Gail said...

- I have to confess this too - the crib sheet pattern also works for toddler bed sheets :). Same mattress (who knew!?!). BUT - those cute little kid characters (Thomas and Diego at my house) that they sell toddler bed sheets for, only come with a bottom sheet and the pillow case. No top sheet. So I MADE sets for Jacob's toddler bed.

@ Em - I had sort of envisioned your shower turning into a whole weekend event! I mean really, how could it not!?! So, I'm making Jeremy take that weekend off! I will GLADLY give y'all lessons on the towels! They're really easy. (I, who just kinda wings it with sewing, copied the pattern from the one my SIL (brother's wife) made.)

@ Kate - I still have half of the stuff from the one Keaton has now. I'll get another towel and we'll use that to make another one for him as the example. :)