Tuesday, September 15, 2009


June 13, 2009: I had taken Keaton with me to a friend's baby shower and the Grandma-to-be looked at him and then exclaimed "He looks just like you!" I about passed out right then and there. It took 5 1/2 months for someone to say it. 5 1/2 months. Not that I mind that he looks like his Daddy, but I have to tell you, it felt so good to finally hear someone say he resembles me.
I've been trying to duplicate this shot for some time now and to be honest with you, I think he actually looks more like me then this picture portrays. But whatever, I still had to post it. 5 1/2 months!!

Mama - Summer of 1980

Baby - Summer of 2009


Kristi said...

He looks just like you! Too cute. I am hoping someday Addie starts to look more like me instead of her daddy!

Amy Bomstad said...

He really does look just like you. I know it is so exciting when people say your child looks like you. I had a long period of time when everyone said Cayle looked like Adam...until I put the pic of me and Adam & Cayle on the blog. Now I get that Adam & I look like brother and sister so it is hard to tell who Cayle looks like...HA!

Em said...

Whoa! That is QUITE the resemblance...so cool!

Rachel said...

Cute! And very similar. The older he gets, the more he will resemble you, if not in looks in his personality

Gail said...

You have my vote! I think he looks like you.

I like the recreation idea, too!

I love when people say that Jacob looks like Jeremy or I...we just look at each other and smile.

Kate said...

How fun that you have the duplicate poses and facial expressions captured too. You two do look alike!!