Friday, July 10, 2009

SYTYCD: not a hot tamale week for me

You may have noticed that I missed my weekly “Thoughts on SYTYCD” post this week. Unfortunately, I pretty much missed the first half of the show because Collin and I didn’t get home from our run until after 7pm. A run in which I actually PEED my pants. No lie, I got to the end of the trail, our “finish line” if you will, and as soon as I stopped the constant forward motion I instantly felt the trickle. I tried with all my might to pinch it off, but dude, I was huffing and puffing and you just try squeezing your parts when you’re gasping like a dying seal. To make matters worse, when I realized the pinching was not working and that the trickling was continuing, I started to laugh. I pushed the stroller to Collin, crossed my legs at my knees and exclaimed, Oh My God, I’m Peeing!! So now I’m crunched over in an awkward pretzel shape while laughing, huffing, puffing, and peeing. As quickly as possible I scooted over to the car, didn’t bother opening the car door for cover, and just dropped my drawers to finish what was soon going to be running down my leg. And THAT, my friends, is one of the best things about living in the country!

But, back to the show…I bummed about this, but I’m afraid making it home by 7pm on Wednesdays is going to be tough for the rest of the season (more on this later). Still, I’m going to try with all my might to watch as much as possible.

As for Wednesday’s show I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was incredibly overheated after our run or if it was the hunger pains I was experiencing as I fed Keaton, showered, played with Keaton, etc. etc. before actually eating myself, but the show this week didn’t do a lot for me. Overall, I was not impressed. I thought the dancing was just okay, but not great, and in the end I didn’t even place a vote. Still, I was planning on writing a post with a few thoughts from the evening, but then my computer decided to go ahead and piss me right off by deleting almost all of our vacation pictures and a good chunk of Keaton’s 6-month pictures. So instead, I slammed the computer shut and went to bed. Mad. In fact, I’m still mad about it. So let’s move on before I get myself in a royal mood all over again.

Here are just a couple of thoughts I had from this week’s show:

* I’m kinda bummed about the couple’s changing next week. However, I thought Randi did really well this week, and definitely better than her partner, Evan, so I am looking forward to seeing her with someone stronger.

* Brandon and Janette still aren’t my favorite couple, or individuals, but I really liked their Ruby Blue dance. I could be completely biased though because of my infatuation with that song – Kira and I danced to it a couple of years ago when we joined a class in Wausau.

* My top 2 girls are: Melissa & Kayla

* My top 2 guys are: Ade & Kupono

What did you guys think about this weeks show? Was the lack of oxygen getting to me or was it really kind of a downer compared to other weeks?


Em said...

First, I laughed out loud at your peeing your pants story. It is just SO Kate. :) Secondly, I'm sorry your PC was being difficult and deleted your pictures! That really sucks. Big time. Third, SYTYCD...I am feeling a little out of it this season! I missed a good portion of Wednesday's show, too, that it is TiVoed for me so that I can re-watch it if I want, but what's weird is...I don't know if I want to. From the re-caps I saw, many of the routines seemed sort of 'blah' to me, so I don't feel the need to watch them in their entirety. I'm hoping it was just this week (like you said, not a hot tamale week), because I hope it doesn't mean I'm getting bored of SYTYCD! I still haven't attached myself to people as strongly as in the past two seasons, so that bothers me a little, but hopefully that'll change now that we're in the Top 10. I'm looking forward to things getting shaken up a little...I think I need it to keep me interested!

Aubrey said...

Totally feeling the same about the SYTYCD. I love Kupono, a few others I like are Kayla and Jason, but I'm not sure if I'll vote for them. I kind of like Melissa, but something about her bothers me. I still love watching the show though. I am SO NOT a fan of Brandon and Janette. But this week they were pretty good. Oh well, I just can't see people voting for them until the end. Brandon really turns me off and I don't see the magnatism he'd need to keep getting votes. At least that's what I keep hoping for.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! I loved it that you peed your pants- and yes- that is why living in the country is GREAT!
As far as SYTYCD- my favorites came through so it was a good night for me... Brandon and Janette did great on the Rumba( I think it was) and the Burgular one- was soooo cool how they hit everything together. The only other one I really liked was Kayla and Kupono's Temptation dance. I was sooo happy that Kaitlan got voted out- Ben thinks I had something against her- but I just thought there were better girls that deserved her spot in the top 20. CaS