Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SYTYCD: Me and Nigel are like this

At 7:25 tonight I realized OMG! SYTYCD is on RIGHT. NOW. What am I doing sitting here listening to the President talk about health care reform?? Sorry Mr. President, there are important things and then there are i.m.p.o.r.t.a.n.t. things, if you know what I mean? And I think you do...

So I missed a good chunk of the beginning of the show and then my mom had dinner ready and on the table for us and then Stink decided he was hungry. Scratch that. He was Starving! And so as hard as I tried to watch, I wasn't very focused through the first half of the show. And to be honest with you, with what I did see, I didn't really feel like I was missing much. Again with the 'eh'.

And then Nigel nailed it on the head. The first half of the show was flat, but the last three routines made the show worth half-watching for me. And Kayla & Jason's hip hop? Thank you. Finally a decent hip hop routine this year!

So, I don't have a whole lot more to add, but here are just a few thoughts:

* Jeanine! Girl! Where have you been all season?? In the past two weeks she moved on my list from, oh, she's pretty good, to my #1 Girl. I am just loving her these days.

* I was surprised to find that I really, really enjoyed Brandon tonight. Maybe it was because he was paired with Jeanine? I don't know, but tonight, he was my #1 guy.

* I still don't really care for Jeanette.

* That contemporary by Ade & Melissa - that is one that will stay with me for a long time. Only a few dances have moved me to tears. This was one of them. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

* I felt the need to vote for 4 tonight and so I voted for: Girls - Jeanine & Melissa; Guys - Brandon & Ade

* My mom's declared her favorite as Brandon

* When asked his favorite Collin says he doesn't give a crap

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


CaS Shim said...

I feel the same Kate- I had to tevo it as my husband wanted to watch the President as he says it is directly related to his job- and all the ways people will be fired in Pharmaceuticals to cut cost an how he will have to make up for it. Ugg-
But- when I watched the first half- boring- I almost felt myself wanting to fast forward through the routines-- my oh my. Once we got to the FIRST good hip hop of the season- I was thrilled!!!!! Jeanine and Brandon- are AWESOME!!!! And of course the Cancer routine was a tear jerker- I made Ben watch that one. I loved how Nigel was crying and how the coreographer cried too- it was moving!

Em said...

Agreed. The first half of the show was disappointing. The breast cancer routine was, of course, my favorite. Like they said, I'm so glad it was Ade and Melissa dancing it. I think they were the perfect ones to perform it, and I literally BAWLED during it, than rewound it and bawled again. I loved the Shane Sparks hip hop routine, too. Awesome! I agree that Jeanine really came out of nowhere, but man, is she on fire now! I'm still having a hard time picking my favorites! Like you'd mentioned, they're all so good this season, it's hard to choose.

Aubrey said...

I have to disagree with you on a few. I still DO NOT LIKE BRANDON. Not even a little. But, he was awesome on the hip hop w/ Jeanine. So I can still tolerate him. But I adore Kayla. I still can't think of a time I didn't like her. And I liked BOTH of her dances tonight. Were either of them the best? No, but BOTH were worth watching. The first half SUCKED with the exception of the broadway routine which set things in motion. Thank goodness and the rest really kept going. I adored the Melissa and Ade routine and I don't think it could have worked w/ any of the other couples as well. But I still think my fav are Jason and Kayla. But I was so glad the end improved. I'm going to watch it again.

I even liked Evan last night. I'm sure he's next to go. And I think the other one is really up in the air. I don't know who it will be.

And what did you think about the Get in shape videos? Interesting.

Aubrey said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how much I've really always like Jeanine, but since she had Phillip, I think it was hard to really see HER in the routines. But she's always been really expressive and strong when she needed to be. But it was Phillip that kept her in the background I think.

Kate said...

Shoot, shoot, shoot! I just realized I had this wrong, it was Jason & Kayla's hip hop routine that was good last night, not Brandon & Jeanine....editing that now....I think Brandon and Jeanine had a JAZZ routine that I really liked.

I agree with you guys that it was good that Melissa & Ade got Tyce this week - I don't think any other duo could have done as well as they did. That was just amazing.

Aubrey - I missed Jason & Kayla's broadway routine last night and I also missed the get in shape videos??? Kayla is still one of my top girls. And actually, Jason is pretty high up there too.

Em, I'm like you, I keep going back and forth. If I had to pick the two I'd like to see go home tonight, not because they are bad dancers just because I don't personally care as much for them it would be Evan & Jeanette.

Which two would you all pick?

Em said...

I was surprised to see Jason go home tonight instead of Evan! Was glad that Janette was the girl to go--of the four girls left, she was my least favorite overall, even though she had some awesome moments this season. When it came to her solos, they were always pretty weak. I'm happy with the three girls left; I think they got that right. And as much as I liked Evan at the beginning and think his style is cool on its own, I haven't seen a lot "new" with him in a while in the other styles. He still just seems flat, even though he dances fine. It's just not up to that next level that I've been seeing from Brandon and Ade, for instance. It sounds horrible to say, because he seems like such a sweetie, but I think he got a bunch of sympathy votes this week after Nigel's comment about his droopy eyes, followed by Ellen and Mary and Mia telling him he's unique just the way he is (I'd agree with them that that's true, I just don't agree that he's the one of the top guy dancers at this point).

Phew, hope that made sense. I need to head to bed; I'm exhausted!