Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SYTYCD: It's time to be honest

Before I begin, I need to offer my apologies to Tanya, who so politely asked for a new post yesterday and to who I promised said post, but then I got tired and fell asleep on the couch. I know she's reading this now and thinking. SYTYCD?? What is this crap? This is not what I meant by a new post, Kono!! I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Okay, so, back to week is the finale and I think it is time to be honest with myself. I've been trying so hard to deny this, trying so hard to convince myself that it wasn't so. But I just gotta say it. This season, it just hasn't done as much for me as last season. And I hate it that that is the case. I like the dancers, I do, but the performances, I don't know, they just aren't moving me the way they did last season. Not to say none of them have, because Kayla & Brandon's contemporary routine tonight did and I can think of at least 3 or 4 others over the course of the past few weeks that were really awesome. But last season I remember feeling moved pretty much every night. Sometimes more than once a night. So I'm a little disappointed about that. And I'm disappointed that I have to admit it. But, it's time to be honest.

With that out of the way, here are just a few things I thought about tonight:

* I really really like all three of the girls. In fact, I can't even tell you who is my favorite. Based on tonight's show I'd say Kayla & Jeanine. But, like Mary said at the beginning of the show, it's not just about tonight, it's about all season, and if I think about all season than Melissa is right up there with the other two because she was in two of my favorite routines this season.

* I'm sorry, but seriously, it's time for Evan to go. I think Melissa was a little doomed tonight simply because she was paired with him. I don't get it because he is so strong in his solos but man, in the couple's routines he just lacks. Big time.

* With each passing week Brandon is really growing on me. He really is a very strong and talented dancer. I'm starting to wonder if the reason I didn't care for him at the beginning of the season had more to do with Jeanette (who, I'm sorry, I just didn't like).

* I was busy changing a diaper during the opening guys routine but I could tell the show was starting so I called out to Collin - hey, can you tell me what's going on? And he yells back: The guys are dancing....kinda stupidly.... which made me laugh. What did you guys think of the guys routine that I missed?

* I didn't vote tonight because I didn't know how to choose between the girls or Ade & Brandon. So basically, the only person I wouldn't have been voting for would have been Evan.

What are you guys thinking?


Em said...

Gotta admit, this season just isn't doing it for me, either. I'm glad to hear it's not just me. If I had to pick favorites right now, it'd be Brandon and Jeanine (I've changed a lot during the course of the season). They are the ones that I've seen the most improvement in and really seem to "bring it" each week. Sometimes, the others tend to run together a bit (i.e., you can't see the improvement or effort as clearly).

I also agree that I haven't been moved as often this season, either. I think, without that, it's harder to get really into it and establish your favorites. It'll be interesting to see who makes it into the finale. I, like you, don't really want to see any of the girls to go. And I'd think Evan is the obvious choice of the guys, but Ade's first performance last night wasn't that great, either. So, I wonder...

As for the guys' routine at the beginning, I didn't like it that much, actually. It was a Sonja routine, but I don't was just so-so. I can imagine why Collin said they danced "kinda stupidly"...I remember her saying part of it was supposed to be Willy Wonka-esque, or something?

Anywho, that's my two cents, for what it's worth. :)

Aubrey said...

I liked the guys routine okay, but I think the reason that the show isn't really outstanding is because while this year is filled w/ AMAZING dancers, the personalities in the dances seems to be lacking! Last year and seasons past, you could FEEL the emotions in each routine. What they lacked in skills, they made up for in story. This year it just isn't there. While I think Brandon hands down in probably the most skilled dancer, I still don't like him. At all! I'm glad Kayla had him last night because then she had a strong partner. I think Ade is the best guy considering the whole package. Melissa is the girl I'd vote out and not just because she was w/ Evan this week, but just because there is something more endearing about Jeanine and Kayla.

I'm hoping the next season will have more expressive dancers because I really love this show and it reminds me what I so adore about the performing arts. But the performances just lacked this go!

Rachel said...

I'm not as skilled in my critique, but I have some lukewarm favorites. Kayla sneaked up on me, and became my favorite girl. Brandon is my favorite guy, but mostly by default. Evan is a cutie, but just not as good. Ade drives me crazy with the hair pick. (See not as skilled.)
Melissa drives me nuts with her "cute old lady" bit. 29 is not old, but she looks way older than 29 to me. Do you think she's lying???

Andrew Ryne said...

I gotta tell you that I've watched it a few times and really like it, but I find myself wanting to watch it just so I can keep up with your posts - you're too funny!

Kate said...

Wow America. Evan? Seriously? Evan??

I'm bummed by last nights results and Em, I just saw your tweet and I agree whole heartedly. After watching Katy (my all-time fav!)and Twitch and Chelsea and Mark last night I know I'm not nuts, last season was better. I think I'm chalking it up to two things 1) Like Auburey said, the dancers this year are technically very strong but they aren't dancing with their hearts and 2) I think the choreography was better last year. Do you guys agree?

And Rachel, I am SO glad you went there with the pick, because I need to go there on a couple of other dancers. Now, before anyone gets upset that I'm dissing on these guys know that I really like both Kayla and Brandon but a couple of things that are driving me crazy: Kayla - I hate the way she tugs at her clothes in almost all of her solo routines. Brandon - if he finishes one more solo with this hands above his head and shaking his derriere I'm gonna loose it. That isn't attractive!

Kelly - I'm so glad you're liking the show! As much bashing as I'm doing right now I will, of course, be watching next season :)

CaS Shim said...

I love Jeannine and Brandon and Kayla- I think Ade should have stayed over Even- and he is getting the votes since he is an obvious underdog! I love the dancing this year- but as I watch the routines back that were nominated I love them sooo much- I actually remembered seeing them from last year and I didn't even get to watch it intently last year. As for the finals- either girl diserves it- I love them both and I think Brandow deserves to win- but People like Even- but I wish people would remember it is a DANCE compitition!

Aubrey said...

So I too, am shocked that Evan is still in. But, I seriously LOVE his solos. I think he's got the personality in them that is so lacking everywhere else. But I don't think he should win. But CaS, I think he's getting votes because he does have a clear personality that is undeniably "cute" and that can go a long way in a group that is pretty blah.

Kate, I totally agree about the little solo irritations. I've been bothered by that. I'm also sick of seeing the girls flip their hair while dancing. It's irritating.

I don't know that the choreography was any better or worse, but it really seemed to be an odd lineup this year. There was SO MUCH ballroom, which I just don't enjoy watching. And the russian dance was a flop. And Nigel commented that he thinks people are voting for their favorite choreography instead of favorite dancers, but heck yeah! That's what makes the show interesting. If I based it all on solos, I so wouldn't have picked anyone BUT Evan to be in the finals. So I suppose I haven't enjoyed the choreography quite as well as in the past, but I think partly just because I'm sick of ballroom!

Oh, and I just have to say after watching the past few episodes, we need more WADE! 1. he's gorgeous and great to watch 2. he's a dancing genius and he and his wife come up w/ some amazing routines. I think one of my fav routines this year was (shockingly since I don't like either of them really) the Brandon and Janette robbery one. I also really thought the "butt" routine this year was pretty good. What were some of your favs...oh, of course the breast cancer one was breath taking!

amanda said...

SYTYCD lost me...I just couldn't keep up with it's hectic schedule, as I work some second shifts. Maybe next season....