Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hodgepodge: Vacation recap, rice cereal, Point 5, SYTYCD

Vacation Recap

You know what is awesome? A week at the cabin up north. You know what sucks? The week following a week at the cabin up north. Dude, this week is kicking me in the ass. Coming back to reality sucks.

Our vacation was awesome. I had alot of things I was hoping to get done but ended up spending most of the time kicking back and relaxing, and it felt so good. We went on lots of walks with the boys and the dogs, I read two (TWO!!) books, we watched The View and soaps all week long (among my current addictions is OLTL - love it!), and Kira and I actually, no lie, worked out 4 days before our DVD player took a crap on us. I am so proud of us for this, I NEVER work out on vacation, but having someone there to share in the pain was so motivating. It also made me feel less guilty about all the fudge, salt water taffy, brownies, cookies, ice cream, etc. that I consumed last week.

On Wednesday afternoon Kira, my mom, and I packed up the boys and went to Minocqua for the day. It was so fun looking in all the little stores. We didn't buy much, but sometimes browsing and getting ideas is just as good. And on Thursday we celebrated Kira's golden birthday with a dinner at the Whitetail Inn.

The guys spent most of the week working on the cabin addition but did find time to get some fishing in. We are SO happy with the addition. The night they cut the wall down inside and we were able to walk between the old and new areas was like Christmas. We were all giddy with excitement. I'll post some pictures later this week.

Ahhhh, vacation. I love you!


Rice Cereal

Much to my mom's delight, we started Keaton on rice cereal this week. He seems to really like it and has done really well so far. He is grabbing everything these days, so naturally his little mits go right for the spoon and he gives me this look like, thanks woman, but I can take it from here.


Point 5

Keaton turned six months old yesterday. Collin looked at him last night and said "Happy 0.5 Birthday Buddy!" Not half birthday or 6 months, but Point 5. We are both such math nerds, I love it, Point 5.
He is so active these days. He's rolling everywhere and grabbing everything. He doesn't really like to sit still so while we were up north I put him on my lap alot during dinner and I nearly lost more than one plate of food. I got good at eating with my plate half way across the table, out of reach of the Stink.
We took him for his 6 month pictures today and I am so happy with the way they turned out. Our appointment was at 3 pm and I was afraid if we didn't time naps right we might have a crankster on our hands, but he did awesome. So smiley and happy. I love this kid!
It's now 11 pm so I'm going to make this quick, but here are my thoughts on tonight's show:
* In general, I'm really not a huge fan of the Broadway routines
* I love Kayla & Kupono together!
* I also like Carla & Vitolio together
* Nigel hit it on the head, Brian Friedman (sp?) is weird - but I like it.
* I'm not really digging the hip hop routines this season.
* My all time favorite style of dance is classical ballet. I'm sure you could guess this one, but Melissa & Ade's routine??? Loved.
* I can't believe I did this but I forgot to call in my votes tonight. If I had voted it would have been for: Kayla & Kupono (C2), Caitlin & Jason (C4), Melissa & Ade (C6)
Your thoughts?


Em said...

Great post, Kate! I loved the rice cereal pictures...he seemed to be liking it quite a bit. He was so smiley and happy. Also can't wait to see Keaton's 6 mos. pics...I'm glad they turned out so well! I was just thinking after I talked to you the other day that, oh my gosh, K's 6 mos. old today (or Point 5...hehe). It's hard to believe he's half a year old already!

Also, I realized I never responded to last week's SYTYCD post, though I meant to...I'm sorry!

As for this week, Melissa and Ade were again my favorites, and I was so psyched to see a classical ballet routine on the show, finally! It was great.

I have to agree with you that the Broadway routines don't often do much for me.

I love Kayla and Kupona together, too. They are a great couple! I loved their Sonya routine this week, too! Not sure if it was because of the vampire theme and the song from the Twilight soundtrack or what, but I really liked it!

Also have to agree that the hip hop routines aren't as good as in seasons past. I thought the Nappy Tab routine that Phillip and Jeanine was decent, but nothing has impressed me overly much yet this season in that genre.

Here's my surprise of this week: I am really starting to like Brandon and Janette! I know, right? I loved their routine this just made me smile. They do seem to just be really well matched. We'll see if this week was a fluke, or if they start moving up my list. :)

Gail said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation. My furlough (week off without pay) starts next week and though I won't make any $$ I'm certainly looking forward to NOT going into work!

MMMM...rice cereal...seems like just last week...though the other night we did manage to get Jacob to eat steak, corn and sweet patoes. A huge accomplishment for my "onies" eater.

Don't you kinda wish you could pause their growth just a bit here and there? Yes, each stage does get better but, sometimes I wish JJ could have stayed little just a little longer. I was just telling Em that he doesn't call Jeremy 'Big Da' anymore. :( Enjoy every moment you can, they go by so fast!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for vacation- NO for coming back to the reality of life- Ughh! Keaton's face with the rice cereal is so hilarious! I love it- thanks for sharing! SYTYCD- My favs from last night are Jeanette and Brandon and Melissa and Ade- Loved THE CLASSICAL BALLET- WOW! and I like Kayla and Kupona ( I wasn't a fan of his until last night) thought they did a great job together. Nope- I'm with you on the broadway routines- not digging them. Same with hip hop- although the CHAIN routine was pritty good last night. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! CaS

Anonymous said...

Okay totally unrelated -- how do you get the reading list on your blog?