Thursday, May 21, 2009


Big TV week here people! American Idol wrapped up last night and So You Think You Can Dance premiered tonight. So, I'm interested to know - were you happy with the results of American Idol? And will you be watching the next season of SYTYCD? Polls to the right!

I thoroughly enjoyed the AI results show. The highlights for me were seeing Black Eyed Peas perform - I love the Blacked Eyed Peas!! - and the face off between Kara and bikini girl. Which, do you think that was staged? Because Collin and I thought bikini girl looked seriously pissed off. And speaking of Kara, I thought she was a great addition this year; I really liked her, she added value. I never had feelings either way about Paula until this year, after Kara joined the show and actually had something interesting to say I realized just how annoying Paula can be. BUT, I wasn't happy with the results. I was an Adam fan. I have to say, I'm bummed.

As for SYTYCD, I will definitely be watching this year. I've only watched one season (last summer) and the thought that I missed out on the first 3 seasons makes me sad, sad, sad. If you missed the show tonight it's not too late to get on the hot tamale train - tonight's show was only the auditions. More auditions next week before Vegas week. So tell me, will you be watching? If so, we're gonna have so much to talk about over the next several weeks.


Kira said...

I'm going to try to keep up with SYTYCD, I havent watched previous seasons but caught the show last night, it was fun to watch, I like the judges better on this show than on AI already.

Kate said...

Kira - I whole heartedly agree - the judges are SO much better on this show! If you liked watching the auditions last night I have a feeling you'll LOVE the show once it gets into full swing.

Aubrey said...

I hated bikini girl so much that I fast forwarded through that part. She really irked me. But I know that producers appreciated her. Oh well. I've been DVRing SYTYCD since that is a double ball game day. All three kids have ball games, but thankfully Mags and Gabe are on the same team. I watched half of it and I'm so excited to have it back on.