Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doctors appointments & Birthday parties

Last Wednesday we had Keaton's 4-month check-up. The appointment went well and Dr. T tells us he is holding his own growth wise, even though he continues to measure only in the 25th percentile for height, weight and head circumference, coming in at 13 lbs 6 oz and 23 3/4 inches. I was hoping we might get the green light to start giving him rice cereal because my supply has decreased since I went back to work and he is quickly going through our reserves, buuuuut, we didn't. Dr. T said we could try it if we want, but feels it is best to wait until 6 months, especially since Keaton was early and his gag reflux might not be great yet. He also said that he didn't believe giving him rice cereal would cut down on the amount of milk he'd need. If that is the case than my problem isn't solved so instead I'm going to try to get one more pump in during the day and see if I can get my supply back up. If not, then we'll eventually have to supplement with formula.

Wednesday was an absolutely gorgeous day, the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. After the appointment Collin and I went for lunch downtown Point, then we ran some errands and spent some time outside walking our back acreage. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having my Wednesdays off??

This morning we headed down to Milwaukee for our nephew's (technically 2nd cousin, but dude, it is soooo much easier to say nephew) 5th birthday party. Keaton loved watching all the kids play; he couldn't take his eyes off of them. I miss seeing these kids so much. When we lived down there we were able to spend time with them much more frequently. It always amazes me these days how much they've grown each time we see them. Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

Birthday Boy!

Emma & Keaton


The best part about a blue cake?? The blue tongue.

Happy Birthday, Cade!

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samantha said...

Have you tried eating a lot of oatmeal and taking Fenugreek? They help milk production. I know the Fenugreek works for sure (though you'll smell like maple syrup!) It comes in pill format and you can get it at Whole Foods, etc.

Happy First Mother's Day!!!