Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keaton's First Playdate!

We had a good day today. For the past two days Keaton has slept through the night, not waking up until 5 am. On work days this is perfect because it's the time I need to get up anyway. But today, Keatsday, I was hoping to catch a couple more hours of sleep. So after his 5 am feeding I put him back down and even though he was wide awake and full of smiles and coos he was content on his own and eventually fell back asleep. So Mommy and Daddy got to sleep too. Until 9 AM!! Let me just tell you that again. We didn't get up until NINE o'clock in the morning! I can't tell you the last time we caught this many hours of sleep in a row. It was fabulous.

I finally rolled out of bed in time to jump on a conference call for work and then Collin and I got some work done around the house before my friend, Amanda, and her son, Blake, came over for a playdate. I haven't seen Amanda since I left for maternity leave in December so it was so great to catch up and to finally meet little Blake, who was born 9 weeks after Keaton. The boys were so great today, neither one of them hardly fussed the whole afternoon. They seemed to be very content just listening to their mommy's voices.

Playdates are hard work!

In good playdate fashion we indulged ourselves with Dairy Queen ice cream. I wish I could remember the name of the flavor, Something Truffle....all I know is that it was amazing. And I think you should all go out right this second and get yourself a blizzard. I also think we should make a new rule - all playdates should involve ice cream. Or, if not ice cream, than at least dessert of some sort. Who's in?


Em said...

I'd say I'm with you, but I kind of doubt I'll be having any playdates in the near future. :) In any event, I saw the commercial for that truffle Blizzard and wondered if it was any good, so I'm glad to hear it is! I like the pictures of the boys on their first playdate. And 9 a.m.? Awesome! I can't tell you the last time I slept that late, either. What a great start to Keatsday. :)

Amy Bomstad said...

Oh you must be so happy for that uninterrupted sleep. I can't wait for that. We were getting 5 hours in a row but now he has started getting up a few more times during the night???? So frustrating! Sounds like you guys are all doing well. Hope we get to meet the little guy sometime. He is sooo cute!

Andrew Ryne said...

Sooo cute! Making friends already :) My favorite blizzard is a cappucino heath, yum-o!