Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is currently my favorite

Is anyone else watching The Bachelor this season? I don't know what it is about this show; I'm either addicted or couldn't care less. This season I'm addicted. Here are my thoughts after tonight's show:
  • Out of the 4 girls remaining my favorites are Melissa & Molly
  • I've always liked Melissa and tonight I really started to like Molly
  • I wonder though, if they are too young for him
  • I hate it when people say things like that.....age doesn't determine a person's maturity
  • I wish I was more like Stephanie - she is just so nice
  • I wouldn't mind seeing Steph as the next Bachelorette

What are you thinking?


Aubrey said...

I'd love to say I'm right there with you Kate, but I haven't watched this show.

Em said...

I was just wondering last night if you were watching this season! :) And I pretty much agree with most of your sentiments. Although I didn't like Steph for Jason, so is one AMAZING woman. Sheesh. What a story! And I have to admit, Molly is currently my front-runner. She is definitely young, but seems pretty mature for her age. She's just so dang cute. I'm hoping I'm not biased because she's from around these parts! ;)

BTW - nice new background colors!

Sarah said...

Not a fan of the Bachelor but I am in love with House. Do you watch it? What about Idol? I posted something on sleep on my sight for you. Sarah

Kate said...

I think Molly would have hit my radar screen alot earlier but we saw a commercial earlier in the season that showed the engagement scene and the girl appeared to have dark brown hair - darker than Molly's. But here is the other weird thing, we thought we also saw a commercial where Deanna came back and that didn't happen (at least not yet)so now I'm confused - did you see those commercials? Maybe the engagement scene was from last season? I kinda hope so because I have to say after last night I'd agree that Molly is my front-runner.

Also - glad you like the new colors. I loved the old template but I hated how my blog links weren't all on one line. I know, I'm so anal!

Kate said...

Sarah - we love House! He cracks me up. We don't catch it all the time but when we flip through and see it is on we definitely watch.

We don't have cable and with this whole digital conversion thing we lost Fox for awhile so we stopped watching Idol. What days is it on again? I think we have fox back now we just have to disconnect the converter box.

Kim said...

we don't get fox either with the converter box...I missed the bachelor last night...forgot that it was on :(

amanda said...

Wow...I feel so out of the loop! I haven't watched The Bachelor in many years. I'm a One Tree Hill fan...I got home from work at 11:30 last night and proceeded to start watching it. I, too, love House, but never catch the new ones. Luckily, USA network airs reruns every day, so I get my House fix often.

Anonymous said...

I'm definately back into the Bachelor again... remember those college years when we lived for that show! Kate, I know the commercials you're talking about and it's totally got us thrown for a loop. Last night is the first night I started to like Molly for him, I've been a Jillian fan and Melissa fan from the beginning (maybe because of the dark headed proposal??) I'd put money on Noemi going home next week. Biggest Loser is on tonight!!
PS Glad to here there is someone besides the Lapaceks that dont have cable ;)

Kira said...

Hello all, thought I'd comment on the tv blog! I've never really got into the Bachelor, partially because I don't like the idea of finding a husband/wife like that the whole idea of the show turns me off...who in their right mind would want to date a guy who is dating any other woman, let alone 10! Ick! On a better note, Amanda I LOVE OTH on monday! I'm addicted to the reruns on saturday and sunday mornings! Justin always comments, "haven't you seen this one already!". Otherwise I'm a Grey's fan on Thursdays, Biggest Loser on Tuesdays, Top Chef on Wednesdays! Ha! I think thats enough don't you!

Kate said...

Karma - Yes, I can't watch this show without thinking about college or my Milwaukee days - good memories, good memories. I'm so glad you've seen those commercials too! I thought we were going nuts! Also, Collin keeps saying "Naomi has GOT to go!" At the end of last weeks show he says "Well,next week is easy - it's gotta be Naomi!"

Amanda/Kira - AJ when I saw your comment I thought, Oh, she needs to talk to Kira, she's a OTH fan too! What channel is that one? Probably one we don't have - I've never seen it.

We unplugged our converter box last night and fox is back so we got to see a (fuzzy) American Idol! God am I glad bikini girl is gone.

Yay for Thursday night and the Greys/Private Practice cross-over. Who's watching?

Aubrey said...

I'm so excited about the crossover tonight. I'm a big fan of ugly betty too, so I'm watching that now.

Idol front--I, too, was so glad to see Bikini Girl go. Oh, she was so irritating. I don't know how the heck she made it past. That was ridiculous. I was shocked that the Osmond boy left.