Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last week was a big week of "firsts" for our little stinker.

First bottle
Last Wednesday when I had my dermatologist appointment I had taken some milk out of the freezer thinking I wouldn't be home in time for Keaton's feeding. In the end, because the appointment went so fast, I was home in time, but because I am NOT going to let 3 oz of liquid gold (right, Ryan?!) go to waste we decided to go ahead and see how he did with the bottle. As daddy put it: of the 2 oz. that made it into the bottle (don't ask!!) he probably ate 1 oz and had 1 oz all over him. We've used it a few more times since then and he is getting better and better each time.

First Ride in the Baby Carrier
This picture cracks me the hell up - this is what he does every time he's in it, holds onto his nuk for dear life as if someone is going to come steal it. Anyway, shortly after Keaton was born we got the Ergo Baby Carrier. I'd had my eye on this thing since before we found out we were pregnant but at the last second I almost bought a sling instead. I mean I was - this close, I put my credit card information in and everything! But for some reason I will never know the website I was going to order the sling from wasn't working. I tried 3 times and after the third failure I sat back and thought...hmmm....maybe this is God's way of telling me I'm not supposed to order this sling. The next day I ordered the Ergo instead. I am so, so happy I made this decision, or, err, this decision was made for me :) The sling was pretty and all but in the end it wouldn't have been worth it, Collin would have never used it and we would have eventually needed to buy a backpack anyway and with the Ergo all you have to do is get the infant insert and ta da! it's a sling too!! Me and the Ergo, we're BFF's.

So, you're probably wondering why the hell it took me almost 6 weeks to test it out?? Yeah, well, lets just say patience isn't a strength of mine. The day we got it in the mail I tried putting it on but the infant insert was confusing me so I took it off, set it on the table, and there it sat. For weeks. But last Thursday Keaton was crying and wanted to be held and I really needed to get some housework done so I said enough is enough, I'm figuring this damn thing out. Right here. Right now. And it took all of like 30 seconds to put it on get him in place. And the best part?? He loves it!! I can put him in asleep or awake and he is content. Ahhhh, my life just became a whole lot easier. Do you know how difficult it is to fold clothes one handed??

First roll over
* Pretend video here *

I am so ticked off - I have a video of Keaton rolling over but I can't get the damn thing to upload. I've been futzing with this stupid thing for 2 days. The file type and size seem to be okay so why is it not uploading? All I can think is that it is because our connection is too slow?? Anyone out there able to help a computer illiterate out??
Last Friday night Collin was doing a little tummy time with Keaton and he yells from the other room: Kate, he just rolled over! I thought for sure it was an accident so I came in right away, we set him back on his tummy and sure enough, he did it again! Hopefully one of these days I can figure out this video thing and I'll show you.


Rachel said...

Great update. Glad things are going well and you figured out your ergo. Babywearing definitely makes life easier.

Re: the video-Are you trying to upload it to blogger? I don't have any experience there, but have heard Blogger can be a pain. Have you tried to upload to flickr? I've had good luck there.

Kate said...

Thanks Rachel, I was using blogger. I think I'll give flickr a try and if that doesn't work then I'm going to throw my hands up and just wait for Drew, my computer guru, to get here next week.

Drew, if you are reading I hope you don't mind me putting you to work. I pay well in food or cookies, just name your price :)

Anonymous said...

I am reading. I can take a look at it. Have you bought that RAM yet? I can install that, too if you've got it, just let me know so I can bring my tiny screw drivers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just re-read my comment and realized how uber geeky it was and how bad my punctuation is. I suck.


Kate said...

Drew, I just got the RAM in the mail today. I was hoping you wouldn't mind doing that as well! So yes, could you bring your tiny screw drivers? :)

Also no need to worry about punctuation on this site - have you read anything I've ever written? I must make my mom proud :)

Em said...

Sweetie, I'm sure no one even noticed your punctuation. I didn't marry you for your grammar skills, anyway (that's my job); I married you for your computer geekiness. :)

Kate, we can't wait to see you guys next weekend and meet Keaton. Thanks for the update; I love these two pictures. :)

Kristin C. said...

Hmmm...the ERGO dealy looks useful. Thanks for testing out all this baby gear for me!

Kim said...

I love my ergo too! It worked great during apple season when I had Capri AND had to help people and even sometimes when I had to load a bushel for someone :) I am a little nuts though and I did buy all the other slings as well! I also really enjoy my mai tai (same as ergo, but ties and is prettier...jared would never use it) and my rings ling. Never got the hang of the moby...