Friday, February 6, 2009


Did you watch the Grey's/Private Practice cross-over last night? What did you think? I was disappointed, I'm sorry but:

"Derek, I need you."

Does not a cross-over make. What the hell? I know that the hype was supposed to get you to watch so that next week we are all caught up, but still, give me a little more than 4 words.

Also did you see the scene where the baby girl that Del delivered was crying and the parents were so confused and he says "oh, she's hungry"? And then he hands her to the mother and the baby is all whahhh, whahhh, whahhh.....latch.....quiet......that one??? Yeah, I call BULLSHIT on that scene. If anyone has had an experience like that while in the hospital I'd love to hear about it. Here is how my feedings went in the hospital:

3 am nurse rolls in with a little baby in the movable bassinet and announces "someone's hungry." I can hear that little someone going ehh, ehh, ehh...we try to latch but we're both learning and the angle isn't quite right.....he starts to squirm so the nurse comes over grabs my boob and shoves it in his mouth at the correct position. Yeah, ours was much more like this:

ehh, ehh, ehh....manhandle, manhandle, manhandle.....ahhhhh mama and baby relax.

I got so used to people seeing and grabbing my boobs during my two day stay there that Collin had to remind me that I should probably cover up when the flower boy came to make a delivery.


Geri said...
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Geri said...

Sorry I had to delete my first comment because I screwed up the link. I was also disappointed last night, but check out this link to see sneak peeks of next week's ep. It looks MUCH more like a real crossover!

Em said...

Definitely a disappointment. The supposed "cross-over" did NOT happen this week. What a waste. Next week does look like it'll be good, but I agree this week was a big let down. Though I obviously have no experience with breastfeeding, I also thought that scene with Del and the newborn's parents was just...dumb. First of all, um yeah, parents...with a newborn, it's one of a few things that is making the baby cry. You seriously didn't try the boob? At all? Until the Dr. comes in? It was weird to me (and yes, of course, it was easy as a snap once they put the kid up there...right). I have to say, I am appreciating your honesty in how things have been going for you since Keaton's is of course hilarious, but also refreshing that you are so frank about things! I wish more people did that. :)

Aubrey said...

I have the same feelings as all y'all! I was ranting to Darrell about it all. Frankly I thought that Private Practice all around was horribly acted. None of it seemed really "prepared" you know. Especially Addison for some reason bothered me. It seemed so forced. And the breast feeding scene was HORRENDOUS! Even a monkey can figure out if the baby is crying, feed it. It's instinct. And, as pointed out by Kate, no matter how instinctual it is, you can't just pop a baby on and be good to go. I hated when the baby needed to nurse and I wasn't quite as ready and they'd scream because the milk wasn't quite there. But then to compensate, it's come streaming out of both breasts. Of course, you can't put that in a show.

And Kate, it sounds like you let the nurses take Keaton at night? I'm so glad to hear it. Its amazing how little you sleep, but that is the best way to do it..."free nannies" for the first few days. I miss my girls and wish we could get together every Thursday and watch together!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed... horrible "cross-over"... next week better be better or I might lose interest in the shows all together.
And Kate, whenever you get on one of your "this is how it really is" rants you always have me laughing out loud... so you!