Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trade offs

Yesterday was rough day in our house. Keaton is usually quite content during the day; it is at night that he becomes inconsolable. During the afternoon he wakes up to eat and has been staying up and alert for awhile after eating but then once again falls into a slumber. While he's awake he usually cries while changing his diaper but after that can typically be soothed fairly easily. Once he's asleep Mama usually puts him down and then runs around the house like mad trying to get things done in the hour to hour and a half I have until it is time to wake him up to eat again. Yesterday though our little stinker was CRABBY! There was no soothing him. We walked, we bounced, we read books, we changed him, we fed him (again), we tried everything. If he did fall asleep he would only stay asleep if he was held, put him down and within 30 seconds I'd hear WAAAAAHHHHHH! Just like that. And so I'd pick him up again.

This literally went on all day long; up until our 9 pm feeding. I don't know if he wore himself out screaming all day or what but at 9 pm - the time that all hell usually breaks loose - something beautiful happened. He ate, he burped, we changed him into his halo, and he fell asleep. Just like that. Now, I have to admit that I fell asleep with him on my chest on the couch from 9 to midnight while Collin worked in the basement. But at midnight when Collin came and woke me up we went through the same routine with no issues. And after I was done burping him he went down in his co-sleeper with no problems. He woke up at 3 am and again at 6 am to eat but each time he was done he went right back into his co-sleeper and fell asleep. It was beautiful, like music to my ears.

Maybe my opinion will change tomorrow, but for now, I'd take McCrabby during the day if I get McSleepsAlot at night.

I love my bouncer

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Sleepin' on Mama
Maia is always checking up on Keaton and when we do tummy time she has to be right there with him
Bundled up for my doctor's apt.


Aubrey said...

Ugh, sorry to hear yesterday was such a different schedule. But, you're right about the day vs. night stuff. Our first two were the 9-12:30 cranks, but I didn't mind so much since I'm a night person. Our doctor did remind us frequently with Gabe (who cried 24/7) that crying is the baby's only form of exercise. So if you want them to sleep, you've got to let them "exercise" a bit to wear themselves out. It helped a little bit when I was at my wits end.

Keep those cute pics coming. He's just gorgeous!!

Andrew Ryne said...

He is soooo cute!!! Im glad to hear you're getting some rest. The pictures are just precious!
P.S. -
Have you tried turning on the bathroom fan when he gets fussy? It worked like magic for Andrew :)

Kira said...

love the new pics! Oh the days Justin and I are in for, we are sure learning quite a bit from you and Collin!

Em said...

I'm always happy to see new pictures of Keaton...he's so cute! I think the bathroom fan, the white noise, is an interesting idea. Also, with Conor, Blaise and Nicole had to put on "House" music (think techno with a really steady bass beat) and bounce him around to that. I worked like magic! We thought it might've been that the beat also mimicked the sound of a heartbeat, but really weren't ever quite sure why it worked so well when he was fussy. The Thanksgiving after he was born, we all took turns bouncing him to blaring House music in the little house in Houghton...I think my Dad's head was about to explode! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the tummy-time picture, he'll be a "motor" genius ;) Karma

Aubrey said...

I totally forgot about the hours spent dancing to music. Arlington wasn't really picky about the music. Gabe insisted that we be standing and bouncing him. And all three of them really loved ENYA. I know, can you really take that much Enya??...Let me tell you YES! When it is that or hours of a screaming baby. Still to this day, they calm down and relax/sleep if Enya is on.

Gail said...

WOW! A whole month already! That went awfully fast! Keaton is a beautiful baby! I just wish I were close enough to hold him. I miss when Jay was that little! Before you know it, he'll be 3!

I guess, I was lucky. We didn't experience any of the nighttime crankies with Jay. Then again - Jay was the easiest baby anyone could ever have! He rarely fussed, was never sick, ate like a champ. Oh, I almost forgot - he was a PUKER! I did a lot of laundry!

I can't offer any advice, other than try everything you can think of and then try it again one more time!

Kate said...

Thanks everyone for all the advice and tips. We've tried a few of them and they seem to work! I love hearing what worked for other peoples children because bathroom fan, techno music, Enya - these are not things I would have come up with on my own!

Aubrey said...

Hey, we were just talking about nursing and a few of the moms were complaining about leaking and engorgement, etc. I suggested the old cabbage leaf in the bra trick and none had heard of it. So, if you ever have the issue of engorging (which is SO incredibly painful) put a cold cabbage leaf in your bra. It works miracles!!!