Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keaton's Birth Story

To start this story I have to back up just a little bit to before I wrote this post. As I told you, at our appointment that day we found out that in two weeks, at our 38-week appointment, the doctor was going to let us pick a date to be induced. We were so excited that I think I actually gave a little fist pump, accompanied with the obligatory Woo Hoo! Almost immediately though it dawned on me and I looked our doctor square in the eye and told him “I’m not going to be happy if this baby comes on January 1st or 2nd and I miss my tax deduction.” He laughed and said he did not believe that would happen.

We left our appointment that afternoon and headed to lunch to celebrate the news. We were both so wound up that we called our parents right away to tell them that they would be grandparents in just over 2 weeks. When we got home, as I’ve already mentioned, I did a couple of loads of laundry and Collin got the car seat in the car. Around 10:30 Collin forced me off the computer and into bed – after all, it was a work night.

Despite the fact that we were on cloud 9 we some how fell asleep that evening without much difficulty. However, at 12:30, as I was in the middle of a dream, I woke up startled after feeling a weird sensation in my abdomen. I can’t explain it in any other way than to say it was a rupture. I laid there for a second wondering what the heck just happened when I had my first cramp. Realizing that I was laying on my back I decided I better get up and go to the bathroom. This is probably going to be a little bit too much information for some of you and for that I apologize, but I had been bleeding a little after my appointment that day, which the doctor warned me about, but after using the bathroom I was a bit surprised to see bright red blood. Oh shit, I thought, what’s that? So I sat back down and when I did some more fluid leaked out. So I stood up again and then sat back down and again, fluid. I think I did this 3 times before I convinced myself that my water had probably broken.

I headed back into the bedroom and woke Collin up – “Honey” I said, “I’m not positive, but I think my water just broke.” He got out of bed right away and we stood there, staring at each other just waiting for something to happen to confirm it. I walked around a little, thinking that if it was my water it would surely start to leak more. When I came back to the room I had a confused look on my face. “I’m not sure” I told him. And then it happened. A big gush. “Oh yes” I said, “It’s my water.”

It was probably 10 to 1 A.M. at this point and we both started scurrying around the house getting the bags, which of course we didn’t have ready, packed. I was following my list that Jill sent me but by this time my contractions had started in earnest and each time I had one I completely lost focus and forgot where I was on the list. Collin was trying to keep the mood light and the dog was excited thinking we were going on a trip, but those damn contractions did not put me in a happy go lucky mood. People warned me that I would know when they were real contractions (versus the Braxton Hicks I’d been having for awhile) and now I know why – those things hurt like a mother!

At 1:30 A.M. I finally called the doctor. I talked to the on-call doc who said if I was 4 cm that afternoon I needed to get in right away. At 2 A.M. I told Collin we need to get in the car. I don’t care what we have at this point, we need to go.

At 2:08 am we left our driveway. I called my parents, Collin’s parents, and my brother before we hit the interstate. Since I was so preoccupied at home with getting the bags packed I hadn’t been timing my contractions. By the time we got on the highway we realized they were only 3 minutes apart. This is when I started to get a little nervous. 3 minutes apart?? We have a 40 min. drive to the hospital!!

Every 3 minutes for the next 40 miles I would clutch the handle bar and chant “Oh God, oh God, oh God.” At the same time I was trying to suck in what was either the baby or a large poop. I only remember saying two things to Collin during our drive: 1) Could you please speed it up a bit (after I looked over and saw that he was only going 70 mph) and 2) I’m afraid I’m either going to give birth or poop my pants and its not going to be good if either one of those things happens in this car. Collin tried to calm me by noting that I only had 6 contractions to go and then we would be there. I watched the mile markers tick down and counted the contractions and oh my word I was never so happy to see the hospital in the distance.

We checked in a 3 am and they walked me to my room. When I got in there I told the receptionist (nurse?) that checked me in that I felt like I needed to poop. She gave me my gown, told me to strip down and while I’m in there, why don’t I try to go to the bathroom, it’d probably make me feel better.

I did as told but as I was sitting on the toilet I realized this is definitely not poop! So I waddled back into my room where the head nurse was now talking to Collin and I told her just that – I don’t think this is poop. She told me to hop up on the table and she’d take a look. It took her about 5 seconds to say – “Guess what, you’re having a baby tonight and you’re having it SOON!”
The flurry began as soon as she spoke those words. She placed a call to the other two L&D nurses who were there and setting things up immediately and they also called the doctor, who was, up until this point, sound asleep at home.

If I can offer any advice to those about to have a baby it is this – I highly recommend going into labor in the middle of the night. Our nurses were so awesome. Once I was in the hospital I finally relaxed and it was in no small part to them. They had me laughing the entire time. I let it be known that I was afraid of two things: 1) That I was going to poop on the table and 2) That I was terrified of the pain. They assured me they were not afraid of a little poop and regarding the pain? Well, at one point when I asked if there was any hope for an epidural and they cringed a little and told me no, we were WAY past that.

The table full of tools was finally set up and my nurses and a resident were scrubbed in and then we waited. More than once I felt the need to push to which they said “Okay, but just enough to take the edge off.” As I began my head nurse called from the other side of the room, where she was perched in the window waiting for my doctor to arrive, “That’s enough! That’s enough!” Before the doctor got there she had Collin look at the baby’s head and told me that our baby had hair. “What?” I asked them. “No, that can’t be my child!” They laughed and replied “Umm, we’re pretty sure it is.”

The doc finally arrived and our head nurse gave us the play by play: He’s here, he’s driving fast. Alright, he’s parking. He’s locking his car – why is he locking his car? We’re in a parking lot for Christ’s sake! Okay, he’s running. He better not smell good or I'll know he was primping!

As she hurried back to my side she asked if we had names picked out. We told her what they were as the doctor walked in, smiled and said “Well, you guys don’t waste any time. It looks like you’re going to get that tax deduction after all!” He then looked around and asked if we were crowing to which the room responded, Oh Yeah!

As he was scrubbing in two of the nurses told me it was time. They grabbed my legs, shoved them to my chest and yelled, Bear Down! You can do it Kate, chin down, chin down!

And push # 1 was over.

As we waited for the next contraction they cheered me on and told me to push through the pain.

Right before it came they looked at me and said “Ready?” and we went again. Legs to chest, chin down, chin down. I must not have been following orders well on this round because I distinctively remember Collin grabbing my head and shoving it down. A few seconds later Push # 2 was over and they told me that the head was out.

1 push to go. We can do this.

Seconds later, at 3:37 A.M., 3 hours after my water broke, 37 minutes after being admitted to the hospital, and after only 3 pushes, our little one was born. As the doctor held him up the nurse exclaimed “And you have a….Keaton!!”

Hearing those words was so amazing, but the best part was when they placed him on my chest. This little guy who had been living inside of me for 8 months - kicking, rolling, squirming, and hiccupping – was finally here and he was perfect. It was at this moment that I understood what they mean by love at fist sight.

Holding my baby right after birth

Getting measured

Weighing in at 6 lbs 5.6 oz

Skin to skin with Mama after the NICU nurse cleared his lungs- it was amazing how quickly his color improved by doing this

Getting all cleaned up - it was during his bath, when I saw him from a distance for the first time, that I realized he looked EXACTLY like his Daddy

People, I am NOT happy about this! (He had us all cracking up by clutching onto the tub like this)


stickynote said...

Brought tears to my eyes, Kate. Just beautiful. Congrats again!

Rachel said...

3 pushes. Holy Cow. You make it sound easy. Thanks for sharing your story.

Kim said...

Wow! What a great story! Great that you made it to the hospital in time! I thought my girls came quick!

Em said...

Keaton's birth story is just so perfect. I laughed out loud at the parts re: poop (so appropriate for you), cried, and smiled the whole time. I'm so glad you shared the details with all of us, and I know Keaton will be happy to hear/read this story some day, too. I am also glad you posted pics from the hospital...the one with K clutching the side of the tub is hilarious! :)

Gail said...

Aw, that's a great story - you almost got me to tear up! Almost. I've been waiting for this post!

It's funny, as a mom, how you remember every single moment, everything that was said and done during the birth of your child. I know I haven't forgotten a moment of Jacob's story. Reading about the terror of pooping - that always terrified me too. My fear of that makes the infertile thing not seem so bad!

Sarah Patten said...

We've decided that we hate you....Just kidding. I would take that ANY day over my story. My water broke at noon, got to the hospital at 3pm, pushed from 10pm until 3:15am when she was finally born.

congrats and we LOVE the picture where he is holding the tub.

Sarah and Morgan

Kristin C. said...

KATE! I am not kidding when I say you had me laughing hysterically all through this post! I don't know if anyone else thought it was funny....but I could sense the frantic excitement...and all the talk about poop and Colin shovin gyour head down. It was the BEST birth story I have ever read. Also...I was so excited to read a birth story where the mama didnn't receive an epidural (b/c i would like to not have one and b/c EVERYONE I know has had one!) How encouraging!

You're amazing!

amanda said...

I already knew this story, but your play-by-play is amazing! My favorite part is Collin *helping* you by putting your chin down! Priceless! I know it was painful, but you were way more alert than any of my other friends were (I'm sure that also has something to do with the short labor!) Glad everything went well!

Aubrey said...

Kate, this is just like my birth stories. But you didn't sound as ticked about being told not to push. I pushed with Mags and had her with the nurse and Darrell. I did have to wait with Gabe because they told me I couldn't do it twice...wanna bet I wanted to say, but I waited. I'm so glad that your first delivery was so fantastically quick and didn't really make you worry over hours of pain and pushing. And the tub picture proves he's 100% yours!! I love it!

Andrew Ryne said...

We're so happy for you guys! I cant believe you only had 3 pushes!!!! You could've been on the news if you waited much longer :)

Kate said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed Keaton's story!

Sarah - you are definitely not the first person to tell me that! As I was telling one of my friends the story she interrupted me and said "you suck!" I'm fully aware that I got off SO easy with this birth!

Kristin - I love that you noticed how much I talked about poop. After I got done writing this I said to Collin - I don't know, I think I talked about poop too much. He must be desensitized to my poop talk because after he read it he said "no, I don't think you talked about it too much." I also really wanted to do it without an epidural and I'm glad I didn't have the choice because I think I would have caved. I'm not going to lie, the pain is pretty horrible, but honestly after he was out the pain (at least the really bad pain) was over and what was left was uncomfortable, but doable. Granted I only pushed 3 times and was only in labor for 3 hours, so under different circumstances I still might cave :)