Thursday, January 8, 2009

Could someone tell me where this week went?

Is it seriously going to be Friday tomorrow? I'm not sure where this week has gone. I'm trying to remind myself that I'm not going to be able to get much done these first few weeks as we try to find a routine. Today I made my way through my work email, did a couple of loads of laundry, and loaded Photoshop onto our computer. The files that come off of my camera are really large and it takes forever for me to post them because I have to crop them all in order to get them down to a reasonable size. I'm hoping now that Photoshop is loaded I will be able to post pictures much more easily and more frequently.

We are having some difficulties with getting Keaton to sleep at night. He sleeps fine if we hold him but doesn't want to sleep in his bassinet until about 6 am. I told myself that we are starting the bed time routine early tonight at 9 instead of 11, which is when we have been doing it. As you can tell, I haven't made the 9 pm deadline. I wanted to post just a couple of pictures before I call it a night. I'll be posting more as well as Keaton's birth story very soon.

Coming home from the hospital

1st diaper change at home

Me and my puppy

My first ride in the swing


Gail said...

Keaton looks like he's settling in just fine.

Time flies huh? Wait until next week when you blink and Keaton just turned 3 then you wonder where the last 3 YEARS went! Those old farts weren't just a kidding! :)

Aubrey said...

I wondered how you were doing with all the time stuff. It's really scary isn't it. That night stuff is the worst. But soon enough you will get a routine down. But once they start a growth spurt, you will have to start a new routine. I think it's like two or three times before they're one. It was the last one that I got really good at letting them cry in their own bed instead of nursing them to sleep in my bed while I was laying.

Just remember that this is YOUR time to be with Keaton. So letting a week fly by because you've spent so much time just watching him will be OKAY!!

I love you and I adore all the pictures so far. He's just gorgeous. I wish I could come visit right now...

Rachel said...

I think he's getting cuter and cuter. Savor these days. I miss them!

Em said...

He's just so cute, Kate. Keep the pictures coming! :) I hope that getting Keaton to sleep in his bassinet at night becomes easier for you guys soon.

Sarah Patten said...

Hi Kate, Collin and Keaton!

Just wanted to say congratulations on the new baby. Also, nice car-seat choice - - that is the same one we picked for our first baby!

Don't worry too much about the bed thing. Morgan was the same way for about 3-4 weeks. Remember, all babies are nocturnal so it is natural that he wants to go to bed at 6am (that is when you usually awoke and got ready for work, rocking keaton to sleep in your belly).

Good luck! Check out our blog - it is linked to our name.


Sarah (Pam's sister), Greg and Morgan (3mo)

amanda said...

He is soooooo cute! It's going to be hard waiting until February to see him. You aren't coming to IL anytime soon, are you ;)? Hopefully Keaton figures out that nightime is for sleeping in his own bed soon! If not, I have an idea of how to help this along!!! Hang in there!

Andrew Ryne said...

He's precious!!! And you look awesome too :) If it makes you feel any better we just started making Andrew cry it out and he;s sleeping through the night now (8 months old!!!) It will get better, but try sooner than later.

stickynote said...

OMG, Kate, he's absolutely beautiful. I popped in to see the new belly shot, and what a surprise to see Keaton was already here! Sounds like all is going well. Congratulations on your new addition!!!!