Thursday, January 15, 2009

2 Weeks

This post is coming a couple of days late but on Tuesday Keaton turned 2 weeks old.

I can not believe how quickly time is going. I'm trying to remember that I still have 10 weeks off of work instead of my normal way of thinking, which would be: I only have 10 weeks left. I am thoroughly enjoying this time off with my little boy and I know it is going to be a very rough day when I have to go back.

On Monday we had Keaton's 2 week weight check. When we left the hospital they told us they wanted him to be back to his birth weight by 2 weeks. He was one ounce short, weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz. The doctor was hoping to see a little bit better progress so we're supposed to go back in tomorrow or Saturday for another check. I tried to really watch his feedings this week and I'm hoping we'll have good results with the next check up. After we left our appointment I got a call from the Dr's office saying that one of the tests in Keaton's newborn screening didn't come back right. They said not to worry yet, but that they wanted to repeat the test the next time we're in. I was so surprised by the call that I didn't even have the sense to ask what test or what "not right" meant. Collin isn't worried, he doesn't get worked up over much, but I can't help but be a little nervous. I'm hoping the repeat test will come back okay.

On Tuesday we took Keaton to get his first professional pictures. I thought about waiting until he was 1 month old but decided to just do it now, while he is still so tiny, because I know he is going to grow so fast. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. He has a goofy look on his face in a couple of them but I figure I should probably cut him a little slack, he is only 2 weeks old!

The rest of the week we have been hanging out at home. It is way to cold to even think about going outside. This is fine by me. I do not mind staying home, in my pajamas, at all. I love winter for this reason. I know alot of people want to have summer babies so the weather is nice when they are off of work but honestly, I kinda like the winter thing. I like having nothing to do but to sit here at home watching The View during our morning feeding, having tummy time in the nursery in the afternoon and watching Oprah before dinner. This is perfect.

Mama calls this my Oooooprah face - especially when Daddy doesn't want to watch Oprah

I'm a peanut in my bassinet My first bath in my big boy tub (although you wouldn't be able to tell by the look on my face, I like bath time)


amanda said...

So precious! Good luck with the next round of tests...let me know how they turn out! Hopefully the weather gets a little bit better soon, so it's not so extremely cold outside! It's downright miserable. I'm pretty sure my fingers froze to the door tonight when I was letting Butch out! Crazy! Take care, and give Keaton and Maia a kiss for me!

Kristin C. said...

Even as a nurse I am guilty of becoming overwhlemed when our doctors have given us less than geat news about Trevor during his health struggles....I totally know that feeiling of just nodding your head, saying okay, and then wacking your forehead when you get of the phone realizing you needed to ask a few more questions. But sometimes us nurses and doctors also forget to give a little more info to our patients and families. When you go back this weekend will they do the test again? At least you'll be able to ask more questions very soon.

Also, I love the expression on his face in the funny!

Em said...

I hope everything will be just fine with that repeat screening test. I'll be praying. I am glad you're enjoying your time at home! I can't help but also think it'd be a great time of year to be at home with a newborn...the excuse of frigid temps keeping you in doors and just focusing on feeding and snuggling baby. :)

Aubrey said...
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Aubrey said...

Winter is a great time for babies especially when they have to start school and they'll be one of the older ones! I hope the tests will amount to nothing big.

I remember the View and Oprah after having Arlington. I remember waking up to nurse him and watching as 9/11 happened. Hopefully nothing big will happen in the next 10 weeks as you nurse Keaton. Gabe was during the Tsunami and the New Orleans hurricane. Craziness!

Michele said...

I can't believe Keaton is already 2 weeks old! He's so cute!! I love the pics, as always! I hope your test turns out okay. Keep me posted.

Kate said...

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers for the repeat screening. We took Keat in this morning and they repeated the test, but it won't get sent out until Monday. The nurse we were with this morning wasn't quite sure what test was coming back wrong but she said she thinks it was something to do with an enzyme deficiency - something to do with digestion. She did however say that alot of times when they repeat these tests things come back normal, so she AGAIN told us not to worry yet. I'll keep you all posted!