Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Midnight Surprise

It's a Boy!!!!
Collin and I are excited to announce the birth of our son:
Keaton Bruske Konopacki
6 lbs. 5 oz.
18 1/2 inches long
Born December 30, 2008 at 3:37 am
I'll try to post a picture or two tomorrow and I'll write our short but sweet birth story when we get home. :) Let's just say I'm very thankful we made it the hospital in time!
Talk to you all soon!


Gail said...

Well...HOLY CRAP!!! WOW! Congratulations Konos! I'm very happy for you and CANNOT wait to see pictures!

Florence Y'all said...

Congratulations!!! We can't wait to see pictures.

Aubrey said...

This truly is some of the best news we could have read. I'm so excited for you two. The best kind of delivery is the unexpected kind! And one that gets over fast. Can't wait for all the details and to meet Keaton.

Kate said...

OH WOW!!! That's great news! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the story and see some pictures. What a beautiful name, too. Oh yay!

Kristi said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting to see a birth announcement when I opened google this morning. Congratulations!!! We are looking forwarding to seeing pictures of baby Keaton.

Em said...

I can't wait to see pics of your little surprise! I couldn't believe it, and what a great birth story for Keaton. Congratulations, you guys, and take care of one another! We can't wait to meet our newest "nephew." :)

Em & Drew

Kim said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news! (and he gave you guys a really nice tax deduction!)

Karma said...

Congratulations y'all! Welcome to the world Keaton, and Kim already said my first thought... a tax deduction! ;)

Kristin C. said...

What the HECK??!!! I was gone for, like, A DAY and you go and give birth! Holy Moly!

You DID IT!!! That's amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it! Oh My Gosh. I'm just so suprised!

Michele said...

Congrats!!! Kate, look at your guess on the weight and length of your new Baby! You were right on!
Love, Michele