Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bender Family Baby Shower

I told you guys that I was going to post more frequently during this last trimester and then I go and completely disappear on you. The past few weekends we've been busy traveling and because I haven't been getting enough sleep, it makes for an exhausting week. But we can not complain because we spent them in the company of family and friends who threw us showers for Baby Kono/Madden.

Two weekends ago Collin and I got up early and drove with Kira down to Rockford, IL for the Bender family shower. It is tradition in our family for the aunts to throw wedding and baby showers for all the cousins. They always do a wonderful job and this shower was no different.

The cake was beautiful, the mostacolli was delicious, and my cousin, MaLinda, made her famous sugar cookies, which I could eat by the handfuls. We played two games, the "baby animal" game and the "pass to the left/right" game. For the baby animal game my aunt read a list of animals and we had to come up with the corresponding baby animal name. I learned during this game that a sow is in fact a pig. Not a female cow.

Oh don't look shocked, it's an honest mistake :)

In the second game my Aunt Cindy read a story about "Mrs. Right" who went to a baby shower. Prizes were handed out around the circle and every time we heard the words "right" or "left" we passed the gift in that direction. It was pretty fun.

We got so many amazing gifts for this shower and we feel so blessed to have such supportive family and friends who care so much about us and Baby Kono. Here are a few pictures from the shower....

My mom, Aunt Cheryl, Me, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Candy

The girl cousins: Kira, K, Me, E, Andrea & MaLinda

While the women in the family were doing shower stuff, the men in my family were busy doing things that guys like to do: eating and drinking.

At Hooters.
We've had two more showers since this first one....posts on those to come...


Em said...

Yay, your first shower post! I'm hoping to post this weekend about the Earlville shower, once I get through pics, etc. I can't believe how quickly this week has gotten away from me!

Aubrey said...

Such fun. Those cookies are beautiful too! They look like they took hours.

Keep enjoying yourself and post more pics of your beautiful pregnant self. I can't get enough!!

Gail said...

Oh, the memories you brought back for me of the showers we had before Jacob came. Seems like forever ago. Those cookies look dee-licious...I can see why you like them.

I love the pics too. You're such a beautiful momma!

Rachel said...

You look great! I love a glowing pregnant woman :-)