Wednesday, November 19, 2008

28- and 30-week belly shots

Although I missed posting my 28-week pictures, I did actually take them. So tonight you are getting a double dose!

28 weeks

30 weeks

Holy Crap! I didn't realize I had changed that much in two weeks until I saw those pictures next to each other.

Also, I apologize for looking particularly crappy in this 30-week shot, but it is very depictive of the way I'm feeling these days. I'm tired and I'm stressed out. I feel bad mentioning this here; I would prefer to keep these posts limited to positive updates, but I can't really talk about things that are going on right now without mentioning these. We've been traveling the past 3 weekends now and the loss of sleep has finally caught up with me. My body is sore and dragging. Mentally I'm not at the top of my game and it has caused me to fall behind schedule at work. Our house is also a complete disaster because I haven't cleaned in 3 weeks and a week from tomorrow we are hosting Thanksgiving. I know everything will get done, it always does, but again I find myself wondering exactly how.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, how about a 30-week update?
  • Weight gain to date is 21 pounds (okay, technically it is probably closer to 21.5, but we're rounding down). I'm a little nervous to post this because my weight hasn't changed in the last week or two and I'm not sure if the days I get on the scale just happen to be good days or if I really am "slowing my roll" - I suppose only time will tell.
  • I'm still sleeping through the night for the most part. Last night I was up from 3 am to 4:30 am but it wasn't because I was uncomfortable, it was because I had too much on my mind. It was all important things of course, like what curtains are we going to use in the spare bedroom and should I put the nativity set on the entertainment center this year? (answer: yes, I think I'm going to try that)
  • In addition to my body pillow I'm also using another pillow propped under my belly these days. Doesn't matter where I'm sleeping, I need this additional pillow.
  • Tomorrow night is our final Lamaze class. I'm not sure that we've learned a whole lot from this class except for the following: I've learned I'm pretty much terrified of actually giving birth, however, I'd really like to do it naturally if I could. Now, that's not to say I will, I'm just saying that if the pain is manageable I'd like to. It really has less to do with wanting to be superwoman and more to do with the fact that I'm scared of an epidural. That needle creeps me out a little. I'm just hoping that if the pain is bad enough I'll overcome the fear of that needle being threaded into my spine. Either way, I'm not going into this with any expectations. Collin has learned that he has to bring snacks to the hospital :)
  • I've been having alot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately. They were actually scaring me a bit last night as they were getting stronger and were happening about every 10 minutes. I finally sat my butt down and put my feet up and that seemed to help.
  • The swelling has finally begun. I stopped wearing my wedding ring a couple of weeks ago. I could still probably force it on, but I'd rather not take the chance of it getting stuck. I've also been wearing tennis shoes as much as possible. My dress shoes just aren't very comfortable these days.
  • The baby is getting so strong. When he/she moves now it feels like he/she is going to bust right out of my belly. I typically feel the most movement in the upper right hand corner of my tummy. And I feel what I think are hiccups in the lower left hand. So I think (I hope!) Baby Madden is already head down.
  • A couple of weeks ago Collin woke up in the middle of the night and could feel something from my half of the bed. I was snoring so he put is hand on my belly and said the Baby was just rolling around like crazy.
  • We are both getting very very excited for January 25th to get here!


Kate said...

Oh Kate, this is so exciting! So funny about Colin feeling the baby move while you were sleeping.

Em said...

As always, you look beautiful in these belly shots. I liked reading about what's going on with you right now. I know that there is a lot to do and it probably seems overwhelming, but please remember to rest and put your feet up when you can, okay? I'm thinking about you and praying for you all.

Gail said...

You look GREAT! I keep checking for new updates and new pictures. I'm glad you're writing about this time. Once Baby Kono is here, you'll be surprised at how quickly your memory goes! I think of you often and I'll pray for an easy delivery (just the thought of delivery terrifies me too!).

Kristin C. said...

Exciting and terrifying to read this!!

It's good to hear how you are and whats up in your life....sorry that you've had so much on your plate for the last month. Once you get all your tasks at hand completed and you're chillin' with pie in your belly with'll feel recharged. I hope.

Sending you good vibes Up North!

Andrew Ryne said...

You look beautiful! Just wait until after you have the baby and look back at the pics :) We are all very very excited too!