Thursday, October 23, 2008

26-week Belly Shot

I can't believe it has been 5 weeks since I took the last belly shot. Its been on my to-do list for the past couple of weeks but somehow the weeks have come and gone and pictures have not been taken. My goal is to take them every two weeks from here on out.

Unfortunately it isn't just the pictures that have been lacking, I really haven't been doing a good job of documenting anything lately, so I thought I'd list a few things here that I'd like to remember:
  • As of 26-weeks I've gained 18 pounds
  • Two weeks ago I had some pretty horrible round ligament pain. It lasted for a solid 10 days and for that week and a half I walked around like a penguin, teetering back and forth, back and forth, because it hurt too much to put alot of pressure on my left leg.
  • The baby has been very active lately and has moved from little kicks to full body rolls. At night Collin and I play the "knock knock" game - he puts his hand on my belly and gives a little knock knock and the baby "knocks" back. It makes us laugh.
  • Last night I had another dream that the baby was a boy. In my dream we named him Madden. When I told Collin about it this morning he told me it was because as I was working on the computer last night he was watching the 1st game of the World Series and Joe Madden happens to be the manager of the Rays - apparently I overheard that more than I realized. Oddly, I kinda like the name, though we won't be changing from our originally picked names.
  • My mom came up and painted the nursery for us last weekend. I was so nervous about the color, but we're really happy with the way it turned out (pictures to come).

I'm going to try really hard to update more often around here during this last trimester because there are so many details I don't want to forget. So, on that note, more soon....promise!


Kate said...

You are looking so great! Yay!

And good for you for doing belly shots at all ... I think we have two, maybe three pictures of me when I was pregnant (not even belly shots, just pictures of me at all). I'm not at a point where I regret that yet, but I am sure someday I'll wish I'd have gotten at least a few more.

One thing I really do with we had gotten more pictures of was the baby and ourselves right after he was born - I mean in the delivery room. We were all so tired and excited that no one really got a good close shot of the baby until about a day later. It's not the end of the world but hey, you're probably getting lots of unsolicited advice, so here's mine: it helps to have someone come by who can keep their sh** together long enough to snap a few in focus shots of you and the baby :) Okay I'll be quiet now. Oh I'm so excited for you!

Kate said...

By the way do you hate those expandable waist pants yet? It was around week 25 that for me, the novelty had worn off and I actually missed pants you could button. Maybe that's just me though!

Em said...

Kate, you are such a cute pregnant look wonderful! :) Thanks for posting your most recent belly shot, and I look forward to seeing more during your last trimester.

The 'knock knock' game is so sweet, funny, and precious all at once. So cute. Also I'm not sure what your dream means, but I have this "feeling" it is a boy, too. I don't know why!

I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. :)

Gail said...

Look at that mommy-to-be glow you have! You look so great!

I can't wait to see pictures and I am, very much looking forward to all the updates coming this last trimester.

Funny - when I first heard about Baby Kono, I thought boy too. Oh, heaven help you - 3 year-old boys are TERRIFIC!

April said...

You are so cute!!!

amanda said...

Glad the color worked out! Thank you (and Collin and my new bff Maia) for the hospitality last week. Can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks!

Kate said...

You guys are all too nice, thank you for the comments!

Kate - thanks so much for the advice, I'm noting this - make sure to get pictures in delivery room. I'm thinking we might need to invest in a good point and shoot camera, it seems it would work best in this situation. Also, I'm not hating the pants yet, but I have to admit (as much as it pains me to do so) the novelty of it has warn off a bit.

Amanda - Maia sends her love :)

Kristin C. said...

You look beautiful! And I love your new profile picture. Yes, please do post more. Maybe then I'll be motivated to do the same ;-)