Monday, September 1, 2008

The Return of the Fitness Challenge

As I'm sure you noticed, we took a small break from the Fitness Challenge this summer. I love summer for so many reasons, but for us it is always a very very busy time. This summer was no different and I could tell early on that I was not going to be able to stay organized enough to keep up with the Fitness Challenge. Thankfully everyone said they were fine with a small break.

But, today is the 1st of September and guess what that means? That's right, the Fitness Challenge is back! We're going to start off with an easy challenge this month just to get everyone back into the swing of things (and by everyone I mean me). For the month of September if you work out at least 3 times during the week you will earn 10 bonus points. It doesn't matter how long you work out or what activity you choose; the goal is just to get moving again.

Also, stayed tuned because the June Fitness Challenge winner announcement is coming soon!!


Aubrey said...

Yeah! I'm so excited with the timing. We went to the in-laws yesterday and they gave me my half birthday present...a Wii Fit. Oh my gosh, it is such fun!! I'm going to be totally hooked on it. I did 30 mins last night and am totally feeling it this morning. For any one who was on the fence with this, go get it, it's a blast.

Em said...

The challenge for this month is perfect, Kate. I'm excited. :) Aubrey, I'm so jealous of your Wii Fit! I'm glad you're loving it so far. I'd love to hear more.