Thursday, September 18, 2008

If Men wrote Pregnancy Books

Each week I get an email from one baby website or another updating me on all things baby related. Inevitably these emails always contain reference to how big the baby is in terms of some sort of food, usually a piece of fruit. Among other things, the baby has been compared to a grape, a walnut, a lime, a lemon, and most recently, a large banana.

On Saturday night of Konopalooza, just before I was about to retire for the evening, I was sitting on the deck with a couple of guy friends when one of them inquired about how large the baby was now. Since we had just had our ultrasound I told them that the doctor had estimated that he/she was about 11 oz.

They both nodded and looked a little confused as they tried to fully grasp what 11 oz. would look like. Suddenly Joe's eyes lit up and I knew he had made an association.

"So" he says, "almost a can of beer."


Aubrey said...

Well, atleast they cared...but a can of beer?? Hmm...

Em said...

LOL...I love it! I think you've got a money-making idea, here, Kate. Have Collin write a draft of "The Guy's Guy Book to Your Wife's Pregnancy," and make each week have an alcohol (or type of steak?) association...too funny. :)