Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When we announced that we were getting a puppy about a year and a half ago some of our friends were surprised to find out that it was me pushing for the pup, rather than Collin. However, when we picked her up from the breeder that cool March day you wouldn't have known that this wasn't his doing. As soon as we got there and saw the hot pink ribbon around her neck he looked up at me with wide eyes and asked "That one's ours?" We had been looking at pictures online since the puppies birth (our breeder was located in Iowa so we didn't have the opportunity to see her in person until pick-up) and were so thrilled when we learned that we would be getting the "Hot Pink" girl. There were only 4 girls in her litter and our breeder was keeping one and the owner of the mother was keeping 2. Because of this we didn't get our choice in pups, but had we been given our choice we would have picked Hot Pink.

That night, on the trip home, Collin had me drive so he could hold her wrapped in a hot pink towel on his lap. So much for the kennel we had purchased especially for this ride home :) She slept for most of the drive and when she did wake up he rocked her back to sleep. I received an email from our breeder that weekend that said she would never forget the look on Collin's face when he first saw her.

Of course a couple of weeks into Maia joining our family things changed a bit. She was peeing and pooping all over the house and we were in the the thick of puppy classes and training that didn't seem to be going anywhere. This is about when Collin's attitude shifted back to a "she's your dog" mentality. As I was the one doing most of the feedings and potty breaks, especially over lunch, Maia became very much "my dog." She'd follow me around everywhere, have to sit right be me on the couch, and she listened to me better.

I'm not exactly sure when this all changed but it has become apparent to me in the last few weeks that Maia is no long my dog. Not at all. Without my even realizing it she has most definitely become a daddy's girl. She whines to be with him outside when he's mowing the lawn, sits by his side as he rubs her belly watching tv, and the one that irks me the most, she only listens to his commands.

A couple of weeks ago on vacation we were watching a Judge Judy (or something of the sort) and there was a case in which an ex-boyfriend was asking for his dog back. I jokingly said to Collin that if we were in that situation I'm taking the animals with me and he quickly gave me a dirty look and said, oh no, I'm taking Maia. Appears he is smitten with her again.


Aubrey said...

Too cute Kate. I wonder if it doesn't have to do with YOUR pregnancy. I know that it can affect dogs in many ways. And I'm sure somewhere it all the years of dogs, once a mama dog starts breeding again, she looses some interest in her older litters. So maybe its a defense they've formed. But I'm sure she'll be ever so interested in you again once you're staying at home with her and the babe. Take advantage of it now. You'll be needing rest as often as possible soon enough and not having to worry about a dog with be ever so helpful.

Aubrey said...

I just realized I typed ever so about a dozen times here. UGH!

Em said...

I think it's definitely true that dogs sometimes behave differently when Mama is pregnant. Molly and Sammy were very careful and lovey-dovey with me, though. And Molly--ever the guard dog--wouldn't let me out of her sight.

Both dogs, though, I must admit, seem to listen to Drew better. He is the alpha male...and I think Molly believes she's #2, even though we've tried many times to re-establish my dominance (me lying on top of her while she's on her back on the floor). I must just be too mild-mannered with my commands and reprimands...

Anyway, these pics of Collin and Maia are precious. :)

Rachel said...

Picture this:
A 55 pound shepherd mix leaps onto the marital bed of a young couple. She immediately worms her way between them, pushing them apart, then turns and sits on the woman's head to place her full attention on the love of her life, her daddy.

I wish I could say it has only happens once. I wish I could say someone doesn't roar with laughter, as I struggled to free myself from the weight of a furry behind.

When your hands are full with a screaming infant who want to suck the life out of you every hour, you'll be glad she turns to Daddy for attention. Seriously.

These pictures are absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Awwww-- such a big man yet he needs his baby dog- How cute! I hope Ben falls in love with Prince in the same manner- it may take a bit more!!!
Love Cas