Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snippets of Recent Conversations

[Scene: Park in Stevens Point, the first time we’ve seen our friends from town since our news was leaked.]

Peterman: Hey Fatty!


[Scene: Out to eat with Jenny & Matt and our nephews.]

Isiah (age 8): Don’t drink a lot when you are pregnant. My mommy didn’t drink beer when she was pregnant with me and that’s why I don’t like beer now.


[Scene: Dinner table]

Me: The baby is 3 inches long now.
Collin: I know, and by the end of the month it will be 5 inches. (smiles and winks) I’m already through that chapter in my book.


[Scene: First doctor’s appointment, complete with physical.]

Doctor: Okay, if you could just slide down on the table….
Collin: (Hides in corner wincing as if he is in pain and doing everything possible not to look)
Doctor: (turns to Collin) Want to see her cervix?
Collin: Uhhhh, sure!


[Scene: Every morning while getting ready for work]

Me: Honey, could you help me with this shirt?
Collin: Ugh! Another bow?


[Scene: June 24th, at the clinic for an emergency ultrasound after blood work came back not as good as I would have liked.]

Ultrasound Tech: (turns screen to face us) See this here, this is your uterus and this here, this is the sac, and this, this is the little peanut causing you to be sick. And if you look right here, that little flicker? That’s the heartbeat. I couldn’t not show you guys that.


[Scene: In the car after the ultrasound]

Collin: When she said, "this is the little peanut," I thought she was going to say penis.


Michele said...

Oh my gosh - how cute are these (all of them)!! :)

Rachel said...

Ha! These are great :-)

Gail said...

Too cute!!

Aubrey said...

Kate, I loved this post. Isn't it funny what really stands out to us in a day. I'd bet if you asked Collin, he'd have heard different things.

And the doc asked Collin to look at your cervix? Ick...and he did? Is he the kind of doc that will have a mirror for you to see it all? Will you watch?

I love you.

Kate said...

Aubrey - I'm not sure if Collin would be thrilled to find out I announced to the world that he "checked out" my cervix - but yes, indeed he did :)

Our doc is very open (and very easy to talk to) - you raise a good question about the mirror. I don't know if he will do that or not, but honestly, I could see him doing it. Although the profanities that I'm certain will be flying out of my mouth at that point might dissuade him from prolonging this endeavor :)

Aubrey said...

I'm glad your OB is open. That is really important. And really, if he's willing to let Collin check it all out, he's probably also letting you know exactly what's going on. Really important so there's no surprises. Just remember that when you're pushing, that you want to stay quiet and focus all that energy on pushing. You'll be great I'm sure. But keep that angst going so your doc will stay on top of things.

Dawn said...

Some of these made me laugh out loud. Glad your enjoying your pregnancy!

dawn said...

Hey, when do we get to see belly shots??? :)

Kate said...

Okay, okay, I'll get on the belly shots, promise!! That's at least the 3rd request I've had :)