Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snippets of Recent Conversations

[Scene: Park in Stevens Point, the first time we’ve seen our friends from town since our news was leaked.]

Peterman: Hey Fatty!


[Scene: Out to eat with Jenny & Matt and our nephews.]

Isiah (age 8): Don’t drink a lot when you are pregnant. My mommy didn’t drink beer when she was pregnant with me and that’s why I don’t like beer now.


[Scene: Dinner table]

Me: The baby is 3 inches long now.
Collin: I know, and by the end of the month it will be 5 inches. (smiles and winks) I’m already through that chapter in my book.


[Scene: First doctor’s appointment, complete with physical.]

Doctor: Okay, if you could just slide down on the table….
Collin: (Hides in corner wincing as if he is in pain and doing everything possible not to look)
Doctor: (turns to Collin) Want to see her cervix?
Collin: Uhhhh, sure!


[Scene: Every morning while getting ready for work]

Me: Honey, could you help me with this shirt?
Collin: Ugh! Another bow?


[Scene: June 24th, at the clinic for an emergency ultrasound after blood work came back not as good as I would have liked.]

Ultrasound Tech: (turns screen to face us) See this here, this is your uterus and this here, this is the sac, and this, this is the little peanut causing you to be sick. And if you look right here, that little flicker? That’s the heartbeat. I couldn’t not show you guys that.


[Scene: In the car after the ultrasound]

Collin: When she said, "this is the little peanut," I thought she was going to say penis.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday My Friend!

Integrity, full of
Computer whiz
Long-time friend

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

It’s 7 a.m., and I should be sleeping; it is, after all, the first day of a long 3-day weekend, but instead, I’m tossing and turning, nervous and excited, because I know today is the day. Collin lies next to me breathing deeply and the dog is snoring at my feet, both oblivious to the fact that I’ve been up for almost a half hour. At 7:15, after dozing off and having yet another dream about what is to come, I decide it is time. My heart is racing, and I need to just do this already.

I sneak out of bed, gently close the bathroom door, and like a mouse I rummage around in the cabinet, trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to disrupt those sleeping in the next room. If the news is good, I have a grand plan as to how I want to tell Collin. If the news is bad, I’m going to need a moment to collect myself before I head back to bed.

I quietly unwrap the package, say a quick prayer, and take the test. After I lay the test on the counter, I force myself to look away and I put my head in my hands. I know that I will not leave this room without knowing the truth. I know that when I look up in 60, 90 seconds I will have my answer. I’m deathly afraid. I rock back and forth asking God to give me the strength to get through this.

60 seconds in, I’m too overcome with hope and excitement that I put the worry aside and look up. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, two lines!!!!! I jump up, grab the test and examine it closer. Holy Shit, YES!!!! I pump my fist in the air and praise God. Thank you Lord. Thank you Mary. Thank you Saint Anne. I picture God looking down at me, a smile across his face, a giggle in his throat – he has made this child of his very, very happy.

I collect myself a tad, lean against the counter, and look into the mirror – you’re going to be a mother. This is happiest moment of my life.

My original plan in sharing the news with Collin involved making a run into town in the morning, but I grossly underestimated my excitement and there was NO WAY I could keep this a secret for even 5 more minutes. So quickly, I came up with plan B, which involved a sleeper I had bought 3 years ago for a friend that was too small for her baby. On it were two bears and the words “Daddy & Me.”

After finding the sleeper in the back of the spare bedroom closet, I creep back into our room. As soon as I slide open the door the dog pops her head up to look at me. “Hey Collin” I whisper…..he half opens his eyes and groggily says “yeah” – I showed him the sleeper and ask if he remembers it. I’m not sure I wait for an answer before I belt out “Maybe we can use it at the end of January, I’m Pregnant!!”

Baby Kono is due January 27th; we are so grateful for all of your thoughts and prayers over these long, hard months.

Here’s his/her first picture, taken on June 24th at 9 weeks. We are so in love.