Monday, June 2, 2008

June Fitness Challenge

The problem with getting out of the habit of posting at least fairly regularly is that when you do want to write something again, you have no idea what to say. Lucky for me it is the start of a new month and so I have a new fitness challenge to announce. Later this week I'm hoping to get a chance to fill you in on what has been going on in our lives lately. None of it has been too exciting; our schedules lately have consisted of work, work, and more work, but we have some projects in the hopper that I'm excited about. Now, if we could only learn how to finish something we've started!

But for now lets talk Fitness Challenge. This month's challenge is all about improvement. I'll be sending each of you an email with the points I have recorded for you for January (or, if you entered the challenge after January then it will be for your first month), and the person who is the most improved over their first month will win the challenge.

Everyone will be eligible to be a prize winner this month, even if you were a previous month prize winner and for your prize you will have your pick of all the prizes previously presented. There won't be any weekly bonus points, but the winner, in addition to winning a prize, will also be awarded 30 bonus points. Second runner up will receive 20 and third runner up will get 10. Although the bonus points won't help for this months challenge, they will be useful at the end of the year because the winner of the 2008 Fitness Challenge will be based on total points for the year.

Best of luck to all of you and enjoy your workouts!

Also, I'll hopefully be announcing the May Fitness Challenge winner in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!


Kristin C. said...

Ummm. Hellooo!

Missed your blog while you were away! Looking forward to hearing more about the life of Kate!

Aubrey said...

This should be an interesting challenge Kate. I love that we are going to see if we've improved. I know I have been so high/low that it will be good to have a goal. Maybe I'll even quadruple mine? That'd be amazing. I'm really motivated now that I've been in a swimsuit two days in a row. Not great for the ego!

Hope everyone has a great month.