Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All grown up

It was early spring as we were taking the wreath off the door and the miniature pine out of the pot on the front stoop when Collin first noticed it. We were standing in the front entry way and he pointed up to the ledge above the door, “There’s a bird’s nest up there I need to get rid of.” I protested immediately, no, you can’t move that, what if there are eggs in it? He obliged my request and left the nest untouched. Over the next couple of months we’d watch as the sun fell and the momma bird would swoop back in for the evening, as if she was returning from a long day at work.

A few weeks ago I came home and Collin had a surprise for me. He brought me back to the entryway, pointed up above the door and said “there are babies.” I was so excited. Every day since then the first thing I would do after walking in the door from work is go look at the nest. It seemed I’d usually come home right around feeding time and I’d get to see momma swooping in, all four beaks would be pointed straight up in the air gaping open just waiting to be fed. I can’t tell you how exciting having these little guys right outside our door has been. Each time we saw movement we’d yell for each other to come look.

On Friday though, I came home from work and the nest was empty. It seems our little guys have all grown up.

On Saturday as we ate lunch we saw a momma and three babies traipsing around the yard and I asked Collin “Are those our birds?” No, he said, those look a little too big. But as we pulled back in the driveway after restocking our bird seed and getting a new bird bath, we saw them. “Those are our birds” Collin declared. I know our little guys are too big for the nest, but I sure hope they stick around a little longer. I’m not quite ready for them to be gone yet.


Kristin C. said...

That is so awesome that you have your own little bird family! I can't manage to get any to stick around our place....I have a bath...seed...flowers...sun...shade.

Anyhow, glad your back!

Em said...

This was a touching post. Your birds, no longer babies...

Becky Searls said...


I am the same way with the baby geese (as I call them) and ducklings that waddle around our apartment complex. Sadly, all of the babies are now adolescent geese, but they're still pretty cute. Each fall when they migrate, I have a hard time saying goodbye... :)