Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 Reasons why I Love You

  1. You let me be me. At times I’ve been known to be loud, boisterous, crazy, and out of control, and not once have you tried to stifle me.
  2. When in a disagreement you always fight for our relationship even if I’m trying my damnedest to fight against it.
  3. You knew, without a doubt, early on in our relationship (okay, very early on) that we were meant to be together and this did not scare you.
  4. We may not agree on everything (you like Ranch, I like French; you like oldies, I like anything but oldies), but we agree on the big things.
  5. You remind me of my father. You are an outdoorsman, a handyman, and an athlete. These things may seem hollow or maybe even a little vain, but they are important to me as they were the core of my childhood.
  6. You always, always, always see the cup half full. You focus on the positive and encourage me to as well.
  7. You love children and are so good with them.
  8. When I complain about gaining weight you deny it and tell me that my clothing must have shrunk in the washer/dryer. You are not trying to be funny, you seriously believe this. I appreciate the fact that you don’t notice the extra 10 pounds.
  9. You work your butt off to provide for us. You love what you do and your enthusiasm for your work is evident in your success. Looking at you making your career dreams come true inspires me to work for the same.
  10. You are willing to take risks and you trust that together we can make it through anything.

Happy 28th Birthday, Hon. I can’t wait to spend the next 28 years together. I love you!


Em said...

Aw...this was so sweet. Happy Belated Birthday, Collin!

Aubrey said...

I meant to let Collin know we were thinking about him and hoping his birthday was fantastic.