Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project: Den/Office

Last summer I said my project for the fall (of 2007) was going to be to get the our den organized and painted. My deadline was Thanksgiving. Around the beginning of October, after looking at our calendar for the coming months, I told Collin that I was stressing out a little about getting the den done in time. He agreed that it was going to be hard to accomplish and said "let's not give ourselves a deadline." I thought that sounded like the best idea I'd ever heard.

Fast forward almost 6 months and guess what? Then den still looked like a natural disaster site. Not giving ourselves a deadline was a great stress reliever but it didn't actually get the room cleaned or painted. I'd been dreading starting this task because I was just sure it was going to take FOREVER to complete.

Finally a couple of weekends ago we decided to just do it already and we cleaned the room. And the task I thought was going to take weeks on end took a total of 2 hours. Yes. 2. As in 120 minutes.

Shortly after that we bought the paint and yesterday I tackled painting the room. My original plan was to blog the progress giving updates every couple of hours, but when I didn't wake up and get started until 10 am I decided if I wanted to get this done I couldn't be on the computer half the day. But I did take progress pictures and I thought I'd go ahead and post them anyway.

This is the den at 10 am, just before I started. See how all the furniture/crap in the room has been strategically placed in the center? Yeah, actually there was no stra-te-gery (remember that clip from SNL??) in that at all, it was more like shove the shit to the center and get it out of the way. Except it wasn't out of the way. Not at all, and I swore at the pile of crap in the middle of the room more times then I'd like to admit yesterday. Also, like how our shredder decided to stop working mid-shred. WTH?

At noon Collin came home from running errands so I took at break to eat lunch. By that time I had gotten the first wall done and had started working around the door. For some reason that first wall felt like it took a really long time. By the time I finally finished it I had decided that I was only going to do half the room yesterday....this was too much work for one day...

After lunch Collin had to run back to the duplexes so I said I was going to work until he got back. The second half of the room went WAY faster than the first and by the time he got back at 3 pm I had all but one wall painted.

Our original plan was to paint three of the walls this tan/brown color called Mocha Suede and the window wall blue. We looked at a bunch of different blues and decided on one called Picasso's Blue Period. I'm not sure what we were smoking the night we decided on this blue but it was the most hideous, obnoxious blue I've ever seen. I knew as soon as Collin opened the can that I wasn't going to like it. But we decided to put some on the wall anyway, just to be positive. One swipe and I told Collin to STOP! I hate it. Yuck. No way. But he insisted we needed to put more to really see it. A minute or two later I was in the kitchen and I could still hear him painting blue on the wall and I yelled at him again STOP IT! And he yelled back I NEED TO SEE IT!! When I came back into the room this is what I saw:

AHHH!!! I know, shield your eyes! Isn't that horrid??
So, I finished the room because there was no way I was going to stare at that for even another 24 hours. Here's the final picture I took.

Over all I'm really happy with the color but this morning I woke up and noticed that when I was finishing the last window wall I got some paint on the first wall (the one to the left in the picture above) and the paint must not have been mixed good enough or maybe it was just that it was from a different bucket.....I'm not sure what but I can see roller marks on the first wall. And I don't like it. So I need to do some touch-up work and I'm afraid I might end up having to redo wall #1. Which wouldn't be the worst case scenario, but still kind of a bummer. We also need to do some ceiling touch-ups and put the trim on and order curtains. And we're still waiting from a couple more pieces of furniture to be delivered, so we're definitely not done, but it feels so good to have finally gotten this project started. Some day, hopefully before the shower in June, I'll be able to show you the room completely finished.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
[Edited to Add: Dude, sometimes I can be such an ass. It just dawned on me that, hello!, maybe your house is painted in Picasso's Blue Period. I didn't mean it was hideous and obnoxious in your room, it just did not look good in mine. I like it in yours :) ]


Rachel said...

It looks great :-) I love your window.

Gail said...

I met Em for lunch a couple of weeks ago and I was telling her about the big remodeling project at my brother's house (same floor plan as Em's house in H'ville)and how much I hate the blue they chose. I swear, they used the exact same colors you did and I HATE that blue! I'm not sure if it's the tan that makes it look so bad or what but, I have to agree with you - it's awful. Too close to 80's country - where's the mauve?

It really does look great!

Em said...

I like the Mocha Suede color. Looks very similar (perhaps a shade darker?) than the Summer Suede we have in our living room/dining room area. :) That blue was really dark...I'm glad you decided to do it all the khaki color instead. Way to go! :)

Kristin C. said...

Oooooh! I love it! The color is so warm and looks so much better than WHITE. I can't wait to see the finished product this summer. Maybe I'll post some pics of before and after projects at MY house. Hmmmm.

Thanks for the blogging you know I am short on ideas these days!