Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Challenge!

Ahhh! What happened to the month of March? Wasn't it just like St. Patrick's Day?? Here we are already at April 1st....actually, nearly April 2nd, and I haven't yet announced the March Fitness Challenge winner or given you your new monthly challenge. Forgive me for the delay.

Unfortunately we are only at 75% reporting and because I don't want any of you demanding a recount, I'm giving those that have not yet sent in their final week's points just a day or two more. So get your points in and I promise the big announcement will be coming soon!

What I can give you now is your challenge for the month of April. Since everyone did really great with the last challenge (you all beat your average for at least two out of the four weeks! Good job!) I'm going to take the focus slightly off of exercise for this month. I have to be honest, I'm being a little selfish with this challenge because it is something that I personally need to work on. But because it is still in the name of being healthy, we're going to give it a whorl! So, without further ado...I present to you April's Challenge: Hydration Station.

Wow, you know I'm tired when I name a challenge "Hydration Station." I'm going to reread this in the morning and just shake my head.....

Anyway, I think we all know staying hydrated is extremely important, but if you are anything like me, getting those recommended daily cups is pretty tough. I've read alot of differing opinions on how much water we should be drinking each day; the most recent thing I read said 1/2 of your body weight in ounces and more on work-out days. But, for this month's challenge bonus points are going to be awarded as follows:

6 cups (48 oz) = 2 bp
8 cups (64 oz) or more = 3 bp

Bonus points will be awarded each day, so you have the opportunity to earn up to 21 bp in any given week. (Note, for week one we'll start tomorrow, April 2nd)

I know this means more keeping track of things and good God woman are we keeping track of enough?? I know. I'm sorry. But I really think this is a good time to do this, to get in the habit of staying hydrated before we enter the hot and humid summer months and risk injury from dehydration.

Because I know some of you might be wondering if your Gatorade will count towards your water intake I'm going to tell you to use your discretion. I know there are also many differing opinions on alternatives to water for staying hydrated. For purposes of this challenge caffeinated and alcoholic beverages will not count. For other alternatives, again, use your discretion.

And lastly, I'm going to leave you with two articles on how to drink more water and how to make drinking water more enjoyable, because I know some of you are totally dreading this month. If anyone else has any tips, please leave them in the comments or send me an email!

Good luck to you all!

How to Drink More Water Every Day
How to Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable


Aubrey said...

Another interesting thing I just heard about staying hydrated last week on Biggest Loser...Drinking water will help us feel full longer. Most of the time our hunger pains are really our need for water. Hmm...I used to do so well with this while preggers and nursing. This is a fantastic challenge for me. I drank a gallon a day when I was pregs and nursing. A GALLON! And most of the time, I'd drink closer to 2 or 3. Now I drink coffee and soda and occasionally tea. This will be a most important challenge for me.

Thanks again!!

Em said...

I agree...this is a great challenge...something I've been wanting to be more conscious of, anyway, so this is perfect. Thanks, Kate! :)

Dawn said...

So funny, because yesterday I started chugging water to help with weight loss, and today I read this! Wahoo!

I am filling a normal 2 quart pitcher of water in the morning and leaving it on the counter. I pour my cups directly from that pitcher so I can keep track of how much I drink by the end of the day. Yesterday I managed 48oz. Today, it will probably be about the same but since I'll be tread-milling in a bit, maybe more. I don't allow myself anything else to drink until that pitcher is gone.

I figure if I do this, and nothing else, I am saving myself anywhere from 150-500 calories PER DAY of what I would normally drink in natural soda, milk, and juice. That, in itself, will make it worth it!

Kate said...

Dawn - I'm doing the same thing! I have a water bottle that I bring to work and I'm not allowing myself that normal afternooon soda until it is all gone. There were days that all I would drink during the day was a cup of coffee in the morning and a soda in the afternoon. Not good.

This is a great tip!