Thursday, April 24, 2008

100 Things to Do Before I Go (# 1 - 25)

Inspired by some friends and others, I've started my own "100 Things to do" list. I'm not completely done with it yet, in fact I only have about 30 things written down, but already this exercise has been very enlightening and I highly suggest you do it too. I'm excited to finish my list and share it with you here and if you decide to do it, I'd love to hear yours. For now here is my first installment, numbers 1 - 25.

1. Visit all 50 states.
2. Learn how to speak French fluently. Speak it with my Mom and my children.
3. Return to Tahiti and this time dive there.
4. Go spelunkering
5. Ride a bike (with a front basket) through the countryside of France.
6. Go on a mission trip with our church.
7. Visit Memphis with my Mom and her friends.
8. Go saneing again with my Dad. Also, take my kids saneing with my Dad.
9. Visit an orphanage to read to, play with, or just visit the children.
10. Do the same at a Children’s hospital.
11. Go to Istanbul, Turkey.
12. Own my own business.
13. Grow asparagus in our garden. Also, garlic.
14. Plant and maintain an herb garden for a full year. Only use herbs from that garden.
15. Go on a safari.
16. Get my hunting license.
17. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
18. Grow grapes and make my own wine.
19. Become certified as a personal trainer.
20. Get our wedding pictures developed. Display some in our house.
21. Embrace my naturally curly hair.
22. Compete in a sprint triathlon.
23. Run a 5K with Collin.
24. Spend a week backpacking/canoeing in the Boundary Waters.
25. Own a vacation cottage. Spend summers relaxing there.


Em said...

Yay! Great list, Kate. I am looking forward to reading future installments as well! :)

Becky Searls said...

Yay! Everyone is reflecting lately. Must be Spring and the feel of a new season or something :)

Oh about your earlier post and favors...I am young and inexperienced, but, I think that favors are a huge BONUS but not at all expected. I was really surprised and touched when Em had favors for all my friends at my shower, but I also know they really liked them-however, that was college girls who have no money to buy stuff and there were only 7 or so to buy for.

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I come with you...well, except for that personal trainer thing. But you could be my trainer....and I might not even tell you to F-off! There are great things in store for you Kate!