Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I'm Thankful for this Morning

  1. The sun shining (even if it is only 9 degrees)
  2. Butter Rum flavoring at Mountain Mud
  3. A dog who poops OUTSIDE
  4. Text messages from friends
  5. A husband who starts my car in the morning so it is nice and toasty on my way to work

I'm writing this now, before my day kicks into high gear because I'm certain by the time I get home tonight I will probably forget what a great start to the day I had.

What are you thankful for today?


Em said...

I'm thankful to have you as a friend, someone who reminds me how important it is to be thankful, daily! Love you, hon!

P.S. Butter rum flavoring??? OMG, YUM!!!

Aubrey said...

Too funny Kate. I was having a "thankful morning" too. I reorganized our front foyer and that made me feel great. Arlington had eaten breakfast before I got up like I've asked him to do. We had a good start to the day w/o any arguments.

I'm so thankful everyday to have friends like you. You make the world worth living in. Family has to be a part of your life, but friends have a choice. And I'm glad you've chosen me!

Oh, and I've got to find the butter rum flavoring. I use caramel almost every day, but butter rum...ooh la la!

Dawn said...

I'm SO thankful for the sun today!

And I'm thankful for my little boy, who is starting to read, and is making me laugh on a daily basis with his awesome interpretations of some words.

I'm thankful you made me think about what I'm thankful for!