Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank you & Relativity

I just want to say thank you to all of your for your comments. You have no idea how much they helped, how much better I feel today. Reaching out and admitting when everything is not okay is such a hard thing to do, especially in today's society when we are supposed to be able to juggle it all and to it with valor*. Your support gives me strength and reminds me again just how lucky and blessed I am to have such a wonderful network of friends and family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

In other news, as I was walking with the crowds out the office door to run some errands over lunch a lady was on her way back in and said "You don't want to go out there....it is SO nice out...you won't be able to come back." I found this somewhat humorous considering it is only 41 degrees. Now granted, this is approximately 40 degrees warmer than it has been lately, but it still calls for a coat and gloves. Well, for me at least. In 3 or 4 months time if it was 41 degrees no one would dare set foot outside at lunch. What a cold, crappy day it is today, would be the commentary instead. Everything is so relative.

*Did I use this word correctly? It sounded good in my head and I consulted Dictionary.com, but I'm really just not sure??


Aubrey said...

We've gotten a few days in the 40's and I'm telling you its AWESOME!! I think everyone is just sick of the cold. We want weather to be outside in. I am happy to don my gloves and winter coat and get the kids out with Millie for a nice walk. We don't complain about numb toes and fingers. Our ears don't ache when we come back inside. It's heavenly. But when it's 70, I will dread the 40 degrees right there with you.

That's the thing about relativity, it's just the way you look at life. I'm glad today you are looking through rosier colored glasses. I, too, am having a better day. I got very little sleep last night and usually that means a really pissy mama. But the sun is out and the weather is somewhere around 50 and life feels promising.

Em said...

Your usage of valor there isn't wrong per se, but I think it's usually reserved more for approaching dangerous or especially difficult situations with bravery. But then again, since everyday life CAN be difficult, I say you can justify it well enough to make a case for it... :) "Gusto" is what comes to mind as a good replacement word. :)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better today. I hope some of those warmer days are headed across the lake, toward us... :)

Michele said...

To think that in a few short months, we'll be wishing it was 50 degrees instead of 99. Strange though, because when I stepped outside today at 4pm after work, I was instantly in a better mood. I thought it was beautiful outside!! By the time I reached my car, I took a look at the temperature, and it said 50 degrees. I was in yet a happier mood thinking that Spring is near! I can't wait for those outdoor activities to start up again. The thought of a nice fire in the backyard after a cookout, when the air is a little chilly but nothing like cold. I am patiently waiting for Spring to arrive.

So glad to hear you are doing better today, Kate. Hang in there... I'm praying for you.


Kristin C. said...

Jeez Kate! I've been off in my lala land for the last week and I haven't been around to see that you're in need of some internet TLC! Seriously, I am sending you some strength and some spirit lifting blog friend vibes. You're not too far from where I am right now, so they should get there by tomorrow AM. I understand your inner-turmoil and sadness. I understand how sometimes you just want people to stop doleing out the advice (as much as you appreciate that they care enough to give it) and to just hug you or sit with you or take you by the hand to the ice cream shop. I hear you and I've sent the good vibes...signed, sealed, and delivered!