Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

People at work must think I am just a total scrooge. About a month ago we had a "wear red in support of cancer awareness" day - or something like that. We only received about a 1/2 a dozen emails reminding us to Wear Red! on that day. So, who do you think shows up to the office in the morning decked out in beige? Yup. That would be me. And I totally got called out on it. And felt like an asshole. An asshole that does not support cancer awareness. Shit.

So today as I walked to the printer I thought, wow, must have been a "green" morning, everyone here is sporting a shade of the color. It took me a couple of hours to realize, you idiot, it's St. Patrick's Day. Nice of you to come wearing beige....again. All day long I kinda wanted to greet people saying, good morning, I swear I have nothing against leprechauns...promise.

The problem was, we already celebrated St. Patty's Day, we did it on Saturday at the "Busa Beer O'lympics" and it was an effing blast. So fun that I forgot today was the actual day. So fun that even through I decided not to drink, I still had a riot. And, no shit, I took 350 pictures!

The one thing I will say about Wisconsinites is that when we throw a party, we THROW A PARTY! The beer o'lympics consisted of the following events:
  • Irish Musical Chairs- in which you had to chug, run around the chairs, run back to the table and chug, run around the chairs, and repeat until the music stops.
  • Trust Run - one partner is blind folded and the other has their hands tied behind their back. The tied partner had to verbally guide the blindfolded one to a table where they had to pick up two beers, bring them back to table one and pour them into a mug thing (which looked like a large test tube used in chemistry class) - all while blindfolded. Then the partners switched and they continued until the mugs were full and then had to chug. It was about two beers they had to chug and surprisingly no one puked.
  • Green Egg Toss - pretty self explanatory
  • Chug n Run - Run to the table, spin around a golf club three times, grab two beers, slalom through the trees, bring beers back to your partner to chug and then your partner goes.
  • Flippy Cup - Normal rules except you only play with two people and go back and forth instead of a team
  • Beer Pong - Normal rules

I was going to share some pictures with you but Blogger is being an asshole - he must have something against leprechauns - so I'll put them on Flickr instead. Hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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Em said...

I'm glad you had so much fun at the St. Patty's Day Party! And way to go, Ms. Event Photographer. ;) Looks so quintessentially Wisconsin! :)