Sunday, March 2, 2008

February Winner / March Challenge

Congratulations Kira!!

A big congrats goes out to Kira, who is our February Fitness Challenge winner. Kira received 20 bonus points this month, which means she tried 4 new exercises. Great job! Kira, send me an email with your prize choice from the list below.

  1. Lifting gloves - I prefer lifting with free weights, or dumbbells, opposed to using machines. The only downfall of this is that my hands used to ache after a session. I distinctly remember going to class in college after a morning workout and rubbing my hands as the professor spoke. They were always red and calloused. A couple of years ago I finally bought a pair of lifting gloves and my hands have thanked me ever since. I've never used them during a cardio session but as I was searching for these I realized they actually make cardio specific gloves. If your hands ever bother you while on the elliptical or bike, this might be something you should check out. This particular pair is multi-purpose so I think you should be able to use them for either cardio or weight training.

  2. Tae Bo - Amped Jump Start Cardio - I am a HUGE fan of Billy Blanks and Tae Bo. I've been doing Tae Bo since college and can honestly say I haven't done a Tae Bo workout that I didn't love. My beloved Tae Bo-Advanced (VHS circa 1999) tape was recently eaten by my tape player on the TV and I was devastated. I think I actually had tears. After our treadmill then went up in smoke - seriously, I'll have to tell you that story later, it is a good one - Collin bought me this set for Valentine's Day. I love it! The Jump Start Cardio dvd is the first in the collection. The great thing about workout tapes is that they don't take up alot of space and you can do them at home. The one thing I would tell you though, don't do Tae Bo on your carpet. Put something down under your feet when using these tapes. Because you are doing alot of twisting and turning your shoes may leave black spots on the carpet.

  3. 1-year Subscription to Muscle & Fitness Hers - This is my all-time favorite fitness magazine because it lacks the fluff that most women's exercise magazines contain. The women in these magazines are mostly bodybuilders so their bodies are muscular opposed to super skinny, which seems to be the trend in alot of other magazines. I subscribed to this back in college and I saved all of my magazines and still refer to alot of the workouts they have in them. A couple of years after college it seemed the magazine was caving to the fluffiness of other workout mags and I stopped subscribing. This past summer I picked up a magazine before our trip out East and I'm so happy to say the buff is back!

And again, in case these suck, I'll also throw in a $10 gift certificate to either MC Sports or Dunham's.


And now, for our March Fitness Challenge.....I've been trying to think of a good name for this challenge and all I can come up with it "Kick it up a 'notch" but when I say it I think of Emeril.....oh well, we're going to go with it.

Now that we've completed two whole months of the Challenge this month is going to be about breaking that plateau some of you may have found yourself in. I'm going to send you each an email that has your average weekly points for the last two months. For each week in March that you report at least 3 points more than your average, so an extra 30 minutes of exercise, you will receive 10 bonus points for the week. So, kick it up a notch by adding roughly 1 more workout per week to earn your bonus points! Good luck and have fun!


Anonymous said...

Kate, I'm so honored! I felt good about getting into a few new different things this month and I think I will continue to do so (even though that challenge is over). It's interesting that you picked Women's M&F Magazine as one of this months prizes, since I recently picked it up at the store for the first time and LOVED it! I tried many new exercises from it and the articles were great! It would be wonderful to have a subscription to M&F! Thanks Kate! Not just for the prize, but mostly for starting this wonderful fitness challenge, I think that you have created something that will create great change in many of our lives and hopefully become a lifelong challenge! Love Kira

Em said...

Congrats, Kira! :) And thanks, as always, Kate, for organizing this challenge.

Aubrey said...


Way to go. Isn't this such fun. I've totally sucked at it so far, but I've really been reading a ton about exercises, etc. and even that has really seemed to make a difference in my life.

I love this months challenge too. Maybe I really will get my ass in gear and do a bit more. I hope the flu and other illnesses are gone from our house and I can find a bit more time for it.

Good luck everyone and thanks again Kate! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Can I join the workout challenge? :)
I work out "regularly" but have lately been slacking to 1-2 times per week and I think I understand that "plateau" you speak of. This month's challenge sounds like a good kick in the pants for me! How do I participate? - becky (searls)

Kate said...

Becky, of course you can join!!! In fact, I'm thrilled to have another participant! Why don't you send me an email with what you think your average points (1 point per 10 minutes of exercise) would be and we'll go from there.