Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Motivation I Needed

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about my uterus, but I had my follow-up doctor appointment yesterday afternoon and finally got the results of the blood work and ultrasound that I had done at the end of January. I got some good news and some…well, not so happy news, which would you like first??? Good news? Okay….

1) All of my blood work came back normal
2) My ultra sound, overall, looked good. My ovaries and my uterine lining looked normal. I was especially glad to hear that he didn’t see any conclusive signs of the endometriosis (although I’m not sure that an ultrasound could tell this with certainly, my last doctor had said the only way to be certain is through a laparoscopy)

The not so good news is that

1) I have a cyst on my right ovary
2) I need to loose 10 pounds
3) I have been prescribed the following: Wait two more months taken with water, not food, fat ass, you need to loose weight

Basically he doesn’t know why I’m not ovulating, all systems are a go, the rocket’s just not lifting off. So he wants me to wait until the middle of April, at that time if I still haven’t ovulated and had a period on my own, then we’ll do a repeat ultrasound to check the cyst. If everything still looks good, then he’ll prescribe something to induce ovulation.

In the meantime, he’s wondering if it possibly has to do with the extra weight my hips and thighs have invited over for an extended stay vacation. I’ve gained a lot of weight since this past summer. Like a lot, like a solid 15 pounds. Seriously. My pants do not fit any more. So he told me to take off 8 to 10 by my next appointment. I’m determined to do this because what I DON’T want to happen is I go back in April and he blames the lack of ovulation on the weight and tells me to wait it out a bit longer until I can take it off.

Although I was really hoping he’d prescribe clomid at this appointment, now that I’ve had time to sit back and think about all of this, I’m okay with this 2 month wait. I hate to say this, with all the bitching I’ve done lately about NOT being pregnant; I have to be honest with you in that at the same time I was scared of being pregnant because, and this is vain, but I don't want to be this big when I get pregnant.

I suppose all of this came at a good time as I started counting calories again on Monday. I hate counting calories, it is so damn time consuming and I hate how it changes the way I look at food. But, I’ve been doing the Fitness Challenge for 6 weeks now and in all that time I’ve only lost about 3 pounds. I know I haven’t been working out as much as I should, but I was doing better than I was in November or December and I really thought I’d be able to take some more off pretty easily. Wrong. So, I’m trudging forward full throttle now.

I’m not sure that taking off these pounds will fix my ovulation problem, but I do know it will improve my self esteem and mood. And that’s enough for me to actually be excited about these next two months.


Em said...

Oh Kate, I'm sorry. I that, overall, you are coming at this news with a very positive attitude, but I know it still can't be easy for you. Also, I'm just rather stunned at how eerily similar this is all sounding. Granted, my docotr has never really blamed my lack of ovulation on my weight (and I have much more weight to lose, I'm sure, than you do). Although I know what he's saying with that (brief aside, why are the MALE doctors always the ones telling us we're fat asses...remember my old-old OB who made me cry each appt.?), I am also skeptical. There are many, many women who are leaps and bounds bigger than you or me who ovulate and get pregnant just fine. I don't know...

But I do hear you about wanting to drop a few pounds and get as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant. And, if it helps us conceive in the end, all the better.

I'm praying for you and hoping that this will only be a couple month setback for you guys. I'm just so, so sorry you're having to go through this. Please keep us posted on that cyst, too. I will pray it goes away on its own.

Aubrey said...

Kate, I am totally going to echo Em in this one. First off, yeah for things being almost normal. Things could be much worse. Second, YUCK for those freaking cysts. What is up with you and Em. Maybe you both needed to stay in Illinois???!!! But as for the weight. I have some serious issues with that. Here they are

Like Em said, many of us could stand to loose more weight than you and still get pregnant. Take me for example. While I got pregnant with Arlington at 130 lbs, I was 155 with Maggie and 160 with Gabe. That being said, I am now about 160-165 and really stuggle getting that off. I was 185 after having Gabe and it took atleast 15 mths to loose the 20 lbs. Although I didn't really try, it was clearly partly that I started out heavier. So, my point is...even gaining weight can't always be the solution. But being lighter will certainly make things easier later on!

That being said, loosing weight can't hurt as long as it is just the 8 to 10 lbs. With all of your other issues in your baby maker, maybe weight really does have a stronger influence than it does on those of us with baby factories. And feeling better about yourself will certainly make you feel more attractive which makes you feel sexier upping hormone levels and increasing all the stuff you need to keep those sperm happy inside you (YUCK! Did I seriously just write that?)

Anyway, I hope things get easier. You deserve it!

Kristin C. said...

Kate. I totally understand this situation you are in. A little over a year ago I hadn't ovulated in almost three months, so I went to my OGYN and she basically told me I need to loose some are some meds to induce ovulation. Since then I have been tracking my cycles to see how long they are..they can range from 57 days to 28. This is because I am to fat for my body. This is a sickening truth for me, as I have always been athletic...never skinny..but a nice, athletic body. That was until nursing school when I stopped excersising...started eating more out of stress and gained a solid 35 lbs. SHIT. Now that we are getting ready to start a family and I am in this fatty foriegn body...I need to loose weight in order to regulate my cycle in order to even GET pregnant. Not to mention my similar feeling of not wanting to get pregant at this weight. People say all the time.."you aren't FAT...there are people out there who are super heavy who get pregnant all the time". I body is already alerting me that something is wrong by not ovulating as it should. This is a clear sign that I need to get get pregnant. That's not even taking into consideration all the terrible shit that can go down as the result of being an overweight during pregnancy. So..I started my blog as motivation, and I am on my way. I am not saying that you are a big fatso when I write this...I hope you don't take it that way. I can identify with you and am writing from a very similar place that you are in. I feel your frustration....but also your hope, for a healthier body and new baby! You can do it Kate!

Rachel said...

Ugghhh...waiting is terrible. Especially when you are waiting for something that you want this badly. You are in my thoughts.

Dawn said...

Kate, I just wanted to pop in after reading this and tell you that after 18 months of trying to conceive, I decided that the articles I had read about exercise helping to regulate your hormones, I got on the treadmill 5 times a week. I didn't care about the weight as much as the supposed benefit. And it worked. We got pregnant right after the first full cycle of me working out. Now, of course, that one ended in m/c, but I don't think it's any coincidence that 4-6 weeks of being healthier resulted in a positive pregnancy test. You can do it. It's worth it. Don't focus on the weight if you can. Get moving and focus on the hormones that regulate your baby maker! I wish you all the luck in the world!