Friday, February 1, 2008

January Winner / February Challenge

A big Congratulations goes out to my brother, Justin (a/k/a Buck), who is our January Fitness Challenge winner!!

I’m not at all surprised by this result, in fact, I was pretty sure he’d win this month even before the challenge began. See, on a typical work week day, Justin spends about an hour and a half in the gym. I believe this is partly because he needs to stay in good physical condition for this job. However, the primary reason is simply because he enjoys working out. In fact, the other night while we were playing Loaded Questions we had to answer the following question for Justin – “What hobby do you enjoy?” and he actually answered working out over hunting. I’m sure you can guess there were quite a few people around the table upset with that answer. What do you mean??? It’s HUNTING!!!!

Also, because this is becoming a post about my brother, I might as well go ahead and tell you that he received the name “Buck” at Konopalooza 2004 (before it was know as Konopalooza) when he wore camo The. Whole. Weekend. If I remember correctly, Kira was given the honorary title of “Buck Girl.” Oh, thank god that didn’t stick, huh Kira?

Anyway, regardless of the fact that he already worked out regularly, I know he took this challenge very seriously. So, Congratulations Justin and great work!! Email me with your prize choice.


I’ve found that one of the keys to staying in a fitness routine is making sure that I have variety and don’t get bored with my workouts. Working off of that, the challenge for February is going to revolve around trying new things. For this month, 1 point will still be given for each 10 minutes of exercise, but you will also have a chance to earn bonus points.

For February, for each new exercise you try, award yourself 5 bonus points. “New” will be anything that you haven’t done within the last 6 months. Bonus points will only be awarded for the first time the exercise is performed (sorry, not every time throughout the month). But, because I’m feeling nice, you don’t have to count January in those 6 months. For instance, I went snow shoeing in January, something I hadn’t done since last winter. Because January is not counting against me, I will award myself 5 bonus points for the first time I go snow showing in February. Does that make sense?

Best of luck to everyone and happy exercising!


kbend said...

"Buck" did take this challenge pretty seriously, we each have our own work out spread sheets (thanks to him starting them). It's nice to have a motivator in the house you know!!?! I am with you on changing up your work out and keeping it interesting, but I also think that I go in strides. There are just some weeks that I have less commitments than others. I guess I have to have more of the mindset of something I believe Ember said "whats the worst that could happen" For instance, if I didn't come home and do the pilled up dishes whats the worst that could happen? or so what if there are 4 loads of laundry, whats the worst that could happen? But when I skip those work outs, well...I think we know what the worst things that could happen are! So thanks Em for that inspirational quote. Kate, thanks for starting this challenge, how fun! I am counting our first february dance class as 5 bonus points! wahoo!

Aubrey said...

I love this challenge. I will earn more bonus points then workout points since I haven't worked out other than February in like 10 yrs since college! How sad is that?? This will also give me a great opportunity to find out what I really like to do to work out. And if it gets nice and I get to walk the dog...even that would count. I haven't walked for exercise since forever!

Em said...

Here, here. This challenge is great, Kate, and I'm sooo happy you are organizing this for us...have I mentioned lately that you rock? Speaking of rocking, congrats, Justin, on winning this month! :) Also, Kira, glad you enjoyed the quote I has been almost a mantra for me lately, to keep myself sane! :)