Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thoughts on Winter

I know some of you are going to wonder if I’m lost my mind when you hear what I’m about to say…. I like winter. Yes, I said it. I like winter. Sometimes, I have to admit, I even love winter. I like the pace of this season as life seems to move slower and be more relaxed. Because of the weather we are not able to make as many plans that require traveling and we can no longer work outside until sun down. Instead, we spend our nights and weekends watching movies while sitting in front of the fire or, when it is nice out, heading out to the ponds or trails to get some exercise.

My parents taught me to cross country ski at a very young age. I wasn’t very good at first, preferring to swing my poles around and sing Cee Cee my Play Mate, but my Dad was patient and soon enough I was tooling around. These days I love heading out to the trails. I love seeing the sun peeking through the trees and shining down on the fresh snow as we meander our way through the woods. I love coming up to the “big” hills and pausing so we can place bets on who will make it down the farthest. And I love making it back to the car and feeling my legs burn just a bit after a good workout.

In the past couple of years we’ve also started snow shoeing. I love this sport because it is simple, yet challenging. When Collin and I go together we walk quietly side by side. There is something so tranquil about being outside during the winter. Everything is still. You don’t see as many animals, although you know they are there; it is evident by the tracks in the snow. Maia usually runs along side us, kicking up snow, so happy to just be outside.

When I hear people talk about how they despise the snow it makes me a little sad. Although there are things about winter that I could do without, like the – 40 degree weather we are supposed to have tomorrow (yikes!), I don’t think I could give up the snow. Because without the snow there would be no winter sports, and I can’t imagine my life without these activities.


Aubrey said...

Kate, I second that. I love the winter and the cold that keeps us inside with our loved ones. I love the snow that reminds us of being young and carefree. Playing around without any worries of getting dirty. I think part of that comes from being born in the winter. I think those that don't appreciate the winter are summer babies. Truly! I wish my DH (dear husband) was more into winter sports...or any sports for that matter. Some day maybe. But for now, I will be grateful for Arlington who is a diehard fan of anything outdoors.

We had highs early this afternoon of 57 and we are at 5 now. The winds are gusting up to 60 mph averaging around 45. It's miserable. Millie is getting her business done quickly. She is catching on though. No accidents today (knock on wood) so I think we are getting a routine down. She sleeps in our bed at night though. She cries more than an hr at night and nobody was sleeping. So we tried her in bed and she sleeps 5-6 hrs at a time, wakes up to go potty and goes back to sleep.

Michele said...

Kate - Your love for winter has to be that you were born in the winter! Living in Wisconsin suits you very well then. I'm ready for a nice Spring warm up. I'm really not a winter person, maybe it's the born in July thing!

Em said...

This post made me think of how you'd spend your spring breaks in college--coming even further "up north" to come visit me and go cross-country skiing together! :) Those will always be some of my fondest memories, even though others probably thought us crazy. Spending spring break in the now??? ;) Winter will always have a special place in my heart, too. I'm sure it's partly from spending so much time in Houghton.

buck said...

I love winter too, but the one thing I hate, that I know always comes with winter is......a cold! Saying this while Kira and I are sitting on the couch, with a newly bought bag of 180 halls from sams club and about 2 pounds of used kleenex in each waste basket. I love fishing, but I LOVE ice fishing. That is by far my favorite winter sport, there is just cool about driving your car onto a lake, drilling some holes, and then getting to spend some time with friends and yes even Kira loves this sport, and just waiting to race to a flag that goes up, knowing there is a 30 inch walleye on the line....well that is what I always think of in my dreams. Speaking of Ice fishing, Kira and I and Nick and Haley are going to be fishing on Half Moon Lake just down the road from us this Saturday for the 27th annual MAAC Mosinee tourney if anyone is interested. $10 entry fee, $1,000 in door prizes, $250 biggest walleye, with 6 fish categories.

Kate said...

Aubrey - That is a very interesting thought. I'd love to see research on this :) Also, don't tell anyone, but Maia still sleeps in our bed! I know, I know, we're nuts. But it is so much easier than listening to her cry in the kennel or wondering what she is getting into.

Michele - I instantly thought of you when I read Aubrey's comment, knowing you are a summer baby and and NOT a lover of winter!

Em - While I was typing this I thought of all those spring breaks I went north to the U.P. Those were some great times. ahhh, the memories.

Buck - We're going to be gone this weekend but I HAVE to go ice fishing before this winter is over. Keep us posted on when you guys are going again. I think the Fisheree is also this weekend on McDill. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Kristin C. said...

I love winter too! It alwasy blows my mind when people in the midwest whine ALLLLLL THROUGH THE WINTER! Dude! You live in THE MIDWEST! It gets friggin COLD here during the winter...this shouldn't come as a suprise to you! I think I feel particularly irritated by this right now b/c of the extreme low temps, EVERYONE is talking about the weather. Will there be snow? How much? How cold will it be? How are the roads? AHHHHHH!

Kate said...

Kristin - I completely agree, people are ALWAYS complaining about the weather. In the winter its all about the snow and the cold. But it never ends, in the summer then it's all about the heat and humidity!