Monday, January 14, 2008


I am having alot of trouble finding the balance between relaxation and getting work done on the weekends. It seems most weekends are swayed one way or the other. For the past two, the scales have been tipped towards relaxation. This is all fine and good except when I look around my house on Sunday evening and the kitchen counters are littered with mail and dishes and the dining room floor still hasn't been washed following the new years party and I have laundry covering the mud room floor, I can feel the anxiety swelling up from my belly making me one big ball of nerves. And this never makes for a good start to the work week.


I can not express enough gratitude to those that have agreed to participate in the Fitness Challenge. I am 100% certain that I would have talked myself out of two out of three of my workouts last week had it not been for the fact that I knew I was going to have to report my points to you. You guys are keeping me accountable. Thank you.

And on that topic, it amazes me how quickly one can get out of shape. For my run yesterday I used an old cardio program that only 5 or 6 months ago I would have performed on an "easy" day. When Collin heard the treadmill stop he came down to the basement for his run and he found me sitting on side of the machine with my head in my hands, still gasping for breath. It kicked my ass that bad.


Collin and I have been talking politics alot lately. Well maybe talking isn't the best word; maybe...hmm... politely arguing would be better. See although our current favorites are from the same party, we have very different views on which candidate would be the best choice. This evening we both took this quiz that Ember posted and we were both surprised to find that evidently
  1. We've both been advocating the wrong candidate
  2. We've both been advocating the wrong party
  3. We should actually be advocating the same candidate from the other party
I guess it is back to the drawing board for us.


I caught the first two episodes (or at least what I think were the first two episodes) of Cashmere Mafia last week and so far I'm really digging this show. For those 60 minutes I feel like I'm connecting with that fast paced career oriented business women that I dreamt of being before moving away from the city and reconnecting with my small town, country roots.

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Em said...

Have you seen the previews for the Lipstick Jungle TV show as well? It looks very similar to the Cashmere Mafia one. I haven't watched either of them, though I've been tempted, with their Sex and the City type vibe...