Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pictures: Part....yeah, about that...

On Thursday night I sat down and started writing a post about our Christmas. My computer, however, had different plans for me. The pictures, they took SO LONG to load. I went to bed before I was able to upload them all.

On Friday night I sat down to finish the post and decided, who wants to hear about Christmas? That was like what? 8 years ago? I'll skip right to New Years. And so I started writing and uploading pictures and writing some more and uploading more pictures and.....God Damn, why does it take so long to upload these pictures??? So I went to bed.

This morning I woke up with a clear mind. And it told me no one wanted to hear about Christmas or New Years, just get the damn photos uploaded somewhere, anywhere and move on already!!!

So I'm in the process of uploading our pictures to Flickr and I've included a badge in the side bar for you to check them out if you'd like. I have Christmas in there right now and will hopefully have New Years in before the end of the weekend. Also, I'll put updated photos in there periodically.

Wow, it feels good to put this behind us. Now, on to better things!

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