Tuesday, January 22, 2008


1 So it appears the progesterone has done its job as I am officially on CD1. For those not up on the ttc (trying to conceive) lingo, CD1 stands for Cycle Day 1 or the 1st day of my period. Aren’t you glad you stopped by here today?? In true Kate fashion, as soon as I discovered I was actually having my period I immediately got online to see what BabyZone had to say about the gender of our child if, you know, I actually ovulate and by chance get pregnant this next cycle. Can we say JUMPING THE GUN????? (it said girl, btw)

30 The amount of money Collin is likely to lose tonight playing poker. The other day he asked if we had any plans for Tuesday evening because Doug had asked him to come play poker with the guys. I said we didn’t have any plans, sat there for awhile, and then asked “You’re going to play poker with Doug?” Doug has been going to Vegas for the past few years playing in the World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em event. I’m thinking odds are not in our favor.

103 I took Maia to the vet yesterday and she finally broke the 100 pound mark! On the ride there she was the most well behaved dog ever. She sat in the front seat, her head almost touching the ceiling, just looking out the window at the passing cars. As soon as I turned into the driveway of the vet’s office though she went nuts. Mama, Mama, Mama, where are we???? Can I get out now? Let me out! Let me out! I finally got her into the office, but there was no one at the front desk, just a very old and gray Golden Retriever sitting nicely behind the counter. Maia was running around, pulling the leash, oh, oh, oh, I smell someone. Who is there? I want to see them. Mama, come this way, I want to see them. No? You won’t come this way, okay; I’ll jump up on the counter then. There, now I can see. Hi there Gramps, want to come play? Huh? Huh? Huh? I was never so happy to hand her off to the tech to get her nails trimmed. I sat down, settled into a People magazine and relaxed for about 4 minutes. Then I heard the tell tale thumping and panting behind the door. The door swings open and there is all 103 pounds of her running full speed ahead, the poor technician skidding helplessly behind her. My 4 minutes of Zen are up and The Monster is back.

480 The amount of calories I’ve consumed in bacon over the past 5 days. What the hell? We’re supposed to be eating healthy, but yet I can’t stop eating bacon. The stuff we have is maple flavored and the scent is taking over. Today I opened my drawer at work where I keep my purse during the day and I was overwhelmed by the smell of maple bacon. It smelled so good I shut the drawer and opened it again just to get another whiff. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about bacon and how I wanted to come home and eat more (which I did).


200 The amount of money Collin WON playing poker last night!! Holy Shit!


Aubrey said...

Wow! This is a packed post! So, I don't know anything about the technical trying to conceive stuff, so I'm thrilled with the info. I hope it works for you. Even those of us that get pregnant just thinking about sex don't get pregnant the first time. So try to be patient. I know, I know...shut the F...up!

And 103 is shocking. What an overwhelming number to think of! Arlington is a solid 65+ lbs and I think he's more than I can handle...but a dog at 103 just seems overwhelming!!!

and ummmmmmmm bacon. 'nough said.

Tessie said...

430 calories, what is that, like 4 pieces of bacon? I love, love, love maple bacon.

We have two Rottweilers and NEITHER of them is over 100 lbs. That's a large buddy you have there.

Em said...

Congrats on your cycle beginning! I am sending "baby dust" your way this month. :) Also, congrats to Collin on his poker winnings!

Marie Green said...

Wow, sending fertility vibes your way. And now, after what I just wrote, I feel compelled to tell you- even in the depths of my anxiety/depression, motherhood is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL. Just don't be afraid of the drugs. That's what I'm saying! ;)